flageolet (French 16th century fipple flute)

~ Wind instrument


While today it is obscure, it was developed and improved for 400 years. The French flageolet has four holes in the front and two thumb holes in the back.


subtypes:flabiol (Small Catalan fipple flute)
type of:fipple flute
derivations (as French flageolet):English flageolet (1800's improved flageolet)
related instruments:three-hole pipe (european 11th century pipe)
picture:https://static.metabrainz.org/irombook/flageolet/flageolet_french.png [info]
Wikidata:Q1001877 [info]
information page:http://www.flageolets.com/ [info]
other databases:https://saisaibatake.ame-zaiku.com/gakki/gakki_jiten_flageolet2.html [info]