French horn

~ Wind instrument


NameArtistISRCsRatingLengthRelationship Types
…An Interlude: Beginning to Take It BackChumbawamba
…And in a Nutshell "Food Aid Is Our Most Powerful Weapon" Reagan Administration, 1982Chumbawamba
...Flüchtig, Achl wie die JahrePipetet
'round MidnightBob Cooper
'round MidnightBob Cooper
'Round Midnight (stereo)Gil Evans and His Orchestra featuring Cannonball Adderley
'Round Midnight (mono)Gil Evans and His Orchestra featuring Cannonball Adderley
'Round Midnight (take 2)Milt Jackson
'way 'Cross GeorgiaDavid Sanborn
’round MidnightHenry Mancini
’Round MidnightArt Pepper
’Tis AutumnJackie Paris
"Ach bleib bei uns", ChoraleLudwig Güttler, Friedrich Kircheis
2:40instrument (as “corno da caccia”)
"Alphorn" for soprano, horn, and piano, op. 15 no. 3Marie McLaughlin, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Barry Tuckwell
"I Offer Prosperity and Eternal Life..."Valgeir Sigurðsson1:51instrument
"Ludwig at Large"Terry Johns, Carmel Kaine, Christopher Taylor, Peter Willison, Paul Reade
"Ludwig" (From Symphonies Nos. 5 & 1)Carmel Kaine, Christopher Taylor, Derek Taylor, Peter Willison, Paul Reade
“A New Man”: Fyarl in the MorningChristophe Beck1:56instrument
“Amends”: Dublin 1938 / Dreaming Of / Magic Snow MusicChristophe Beck6:29instrument
“Bad Eggs”: Cordelia’s BearShawn K. Clement and Sean Murphy1:45instrument
“Becoming, Part 1”: As Angel BecomesChristophe Beck1:58instrument
“Becoming, Part 1”: CursedChristophe Beck1:28instrument
“Becoming, Part 1”: Devil ChildChristophe Beck1:19instrument
“Becoming, Part 1”: MassacreChristophe Beck4:00instrument
“Becoming, Part 1”: Show Me Your WorldChristophe Beck2:35instrument
“Becoming, Part 2”: Close Your EyesChristophe Beck2:54instrument
“Becoming, Part 2”: Vision of JennyChristophe Beck2:43instrument
“Becoming, Part 2”: Waking WillowChristophe Beck2:06instrument
“Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”: You’re So SweetChristophe Beck0:52instrument
“Buffy vs. Dracula”: Dracula’s Power / Opening / Buffy Fights Dracula / Dracula Bites BuffyThomas Wander4:38instrument
“Chosen”: Angel LeavesRobert Duncan2:20instrument
“Chosen”: Buffy’s PlanRobert Duncan0:34instrument
“Chosen”: Finishing Off CalebRobert Duncan0:54instrument
“Chosen”: Recap / Angel and Buffy KissRobert Duncan1:40instrument
“Chosen”: The ChosenRobert Duncan1:20instrument
“Chosen”: The First Visits BuffyRobert Duncan2:59instrument
“Chosen”: The Last BattleRobert Duncan4:39instrument
“Chosen”: The NecklaceRobert Duncan1:20instrument
“Chosen”: The Night Before / Off to War, Part 1 / The Old Gang / Off to War, Part 2Robert Duncan5:01instrument
“Chosen”: The War Against EvilRobert Duncan10:08instrument
“Chosen”: Willow and KennedyRobert Duncan1:13instrument
“Dirty Girls”: A Bloody BattleRobert Duncan4:07instrument
“Dirty Girls”: RecapRobert Duncan1:42instrument
“Dirty Girls”: The War BeginsRobert Duncan2:47instrument
“End of Days”: Angel ArrivesRobert Duncan3:51instrument
“End of Days”: Buffy Saves the GirlsRobert Duncan1:46instrument
“End of Days”: Escape the WreckageRobert Duncan3:35instrument
“End of Days”: Faith the LonerRobert Duncan1:07instrument
“End of Days”: Recap / The ScytheRobert Duncan1:35instrument
“End of Days”: Spike and BuffyRobert Duncan2:18instrument
“End of Days”: The WoundedRobert Duncan1:29instrument
“End of Days”: Xander Grabs DawnRobert Duncan2:11instrument
“Fear Itself”: HauntedChristophe Beck1:18instrument
“Fool for Love”: The Chinese SlayerThomas Wander2:09instrument
“Forever”: The FuneralThomas Wander2:58instrument
“Graduation Day, Part 1”: Poison Arrow / Faith’s EndChristophe Beck5:34instrument
“Graduation Day, Part 2”: Aftermath / Drink Me / Little Miss Muffet / War / One Last MomentChristophe Beck8:35instrument
“Grave”: Xander Saves the WorldThomas Wander3:22instrument
“Helpless”: Betrayal / Kralik’s House / A Father’s LoveChristophe Beck6:53instrument
“Hush”: Demon Got Your TongueChristophe Beck2:37instrument
“Hush”: Golf ClapsChristophe Beck1:19instrument
“Hush”: Silent Night / First Kiss / Enter the Gentlemen / SchismChristophe Beck6:55instrument
“Hush”: The Princess ScreamsChristophe Beck4:04instrument
“I Only Have Eyes for You”: Love Is ForeverChristophe Beck1:20instrument
“If I’m Elected…”Gary McFarland
“Inca Mummy Girl”: Ampata’s KissChristophe Beck1:36instrument
“Innocence”: Get OutChristophe Beck2:36instrument
“Innocence”: Spike My BoyChristophe Beck2:46instrument
“Innocence”: Yesterday on BuffyChristophe Beck0:46instrument
“Into the Woods”: Riley’s DepartureThomas Wander2:29instrument
“Passion”: Angel WaitsChristophe Beck1:44instrument
“Passion”: Remembering JennyAnthony Stewart Head1:54instrument
“Phases”: Cain PreparesShawn K. Clement and Sean Murphy1:16instrument
“Phases”: Meeting CainShawn K. Clement and Sean Murphy0:43instrument
“Phases”: The ChaseShawn K. Clement and Sean Murphy4:13instrument
“Phases”: Werewolf Crashes PartyShawn K. Clement and Sean Murphy1:36instrument
“Restless”: Body PaintChristophe Beck1:39instrument
“Restless”: SpaghettiChristophe Beck1:18instrument
“Restless”: Willow’s Nightmare / First Rage / Chain of AncientsChristophe Beck5:04instrument
“Restless”: Xander’s NightmareChristophe Beck1:48instrument
“Shadow”: Love MontageThomas Wander2:13instrument
“Surprise”: Buffy Meets JudgeChristophe Beck2:56instrument
“Surprise”: This Is NiceChristophe Beck1:39instrument
“Ted”: I Hit HimChristophe Beck2:29instrument
“Ted”: She’ll Come AroundChristophe Beck2:43instrument
“Ted”: Ted Attacks BuffyChristophe Beck2:26instrument
“The Dark Age”: Philip Asks for GilesChristophe Beck1:25instrument
“The Gift”: Buffy Confronts GloryChristophe Beck2:16instrument
“The Gift”: Buffy DiesChristophe Beck9:09instrument
“The Gift”: Buffy Fights GloryChristophe Beck2:44instrument
“The Gift”: More FightingChristophe Beck3:18instrument
“The Gift”: Oh God, My LegThomas Wander1:08instrument
“The Gift”: PreviouslyChristophe Beck1:25instrument
“The Gift”: Sacrifice (alternate version)Christophe Beck2:05instrument
“The Gift”: Spike’s LoveChristophe Beck1:46instrument
“The Gift”: The ConstructionChristophe Beck2:25instrument
“The Gift”: Xander’s ProposalChristophe Beck1:27instrument
“The Prom”: Dearly Beloved / Beginning of the End / Class ProtectorChristophe Beck5:38instrument
“The Weight of the World”: Buffy Holds Baby DawnThomas Wander1:26instrument
“The Weight of the World”: PreviouslyThomas Wander1:16instrument