~ String instrument


ArtistTypeGenderAreaRatingRelationship Types
[unknown] (Special Purpose Artist - Do not add releases here, if possible.)OtherNot applicable[Worldwide]3.85instrument (as “ngoni”)
Adama Tounkarainstrument
Guillem AguilarPersonMaleSpaininstrument (as “sentir”)
Agali Ag AmouminePersonMaliinstrument (as “terhardent”)
Moussa BahPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni bass”)
BakaraPersoninstrument (as “ngoni”)
Don Cherry (Jazz trumpeter)PersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument
Ousmane "Papou" Dagnon (Malian n'goni player)PersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “n'goni”)
Mamadou DembéléPersonMaleFranceinstrument (as “n'goni”)
Bina DiabatéPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni ba”)
Mamah Diabaté (African ngɔni player)PersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “n'goni”), instrument (as “ngoni”), instrument, instrument (as “ngoni ba”)
Youssouf DiabatéPersonMaleFranceinstrument (as “n'goni”)
Yossi FinePersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument (as “n'goni”)
Smokey HormelPersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument (as “dousengoni”)
Mahamadou KamissokoPersonMaleMaliinstrument
Oumar KanePersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “bass terhardent”), instrument (as “bass tehardent”)
Moriba KoïtaPersonMaleMaliinstrument, instrument (as “n'goni”)
Abdoulaye Kandiafa KonéPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “n'goni”), instrument (as “ngoni”)
Andra KouyatéPersonMaleMaliinstrument, instrument (as “n'goni”), member of band
Barou KouyatéPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “medium ngoni”), instrument (as “ngoni medium”)
Bassekou KouyatéPersonMaleMaliinstrument, instrument (as “ngoni”), instrument (as “ngoni ba”), instrument (as “lead ngoni”), instrument (as “small ngoni”), instrument (as “bass ngoni”)
Fousseyni KouyatePersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni ba”)
Guimba KouyatePersonMaleMaliinstrument
Mamadou KouyatéPersonMaleMalimember of band, instrument (as “bass ngoni”), instrument (as “ngoni bass”)
Mamaye KouyatePersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni”)
Moustafa KouyatéPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni ba”), instrument
Mama SissokoPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni”), instrument (as “big n'goni”), instrument (as “Ngoni”)
Arnulfo ManceraPersonMaleinstrument (as “ngoni”)
Christophe MinckPersonMaleFranceinstrument
Matt Morris (Alternative artist from Denver, CO, USA)PersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument
Craig MyersPersonMaleinstrument (as “n'goni”)
Dídac RuizPersonMaleSpaininstrument
Camille Saglio (French guitarist and singer)PersonMaleFrancemember of band
Dassy SarréPersoninstrument (as “ngoni”)
Nassourou SarréPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni”)
Abou SissokoPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni medium”), instrument (as “ngoni ba”), instrument
Baba SissokoPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “n'goni”), instrument (as “petit ngoni”), instrument (as “grand ngoni”)
Djimé SissokoPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “gnoni”)
Kande SissokoPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “n'goni”)
Yacouba SissokoPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “n'goni”)
Leni SternPersonFemaleGermanyinstrument (as “N'Goni”)
Mola Sylla (Senegalese musician)PersonMaleNetherlandsinstrument (as “ngoni”)
Mahamadou TounkaraPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “ngoni bass”), instrument (as “ngoni ba”)
Makan Badjé TounkaraPersonMaleMaliinstrument (as “n'goni”), instrument