tible (Catalan valved shawm used in cobla)

~ Wind instrument


Catalan double-reed, created in the 19th Century by adding valves to the tarota. Used principally for cobla music.


from:Catalunya, Spain
type of:double reed
shawm (12th century to present double reed woodwind)
derived from:tarota (Wooden keyless shawm from Catalonia)
related instruments:tenora (Catalonian double reed descendant of shawm)
part of:cobla (Folk/classical Catalonian music ensemble) (amount: 2)
picture:https://static.metabrainz.org/irombook/tible/tible.png [info]
Wikidata:Q1755559 [info]
other databases:https://saisaibatake.ame-zaiku.com/musical_instrument/gakki_jiten_tenora_tible.html#tible [info]