flabiol (Small Catalan fipple flute)

~ Wind instrument


Small Catalan flageolet used in the cobla ensemble, unlike other tabor-pipes it is also played with both hands.


The flabiol (Catalan pronunciation: [fləβiˈɔl]) is a Catalan woodwind musical instrument of the family known as fipple flutes. It is one of the 12 instruments of the cobla. The flabiol measures about 25 centimeters in length and has five or six holes on its front face and three underneath.

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from:Catalunya, Spain
type of:fipple flute
flageolet (french 16th century fipple flute)
derivations:Tonette (plastic fipple flute)
related instruments:three-hole pipe (european 11th century pipe)
Wikidata:Q1901997 [info]