syrinx (Ancient Greek pan flute)

~ Wind instrument


NameArtistISRCsRatingLengthRelationship Types
Bull-Doze BluesHenry Thomas53:27instrument (as “reed pipes”)
Charmin’ BetsyHenry Thomas
3:05instrument (as “reed pipes”)
Der getreue Music-Meister: 28. Flauto Pastorale ò altri stromenti in E majorSebastian Kelber
Fishing BluesHenry Thomas2:44instrument (as “reed pipes”)
John HenryHenry Thomas
2:46instrument (as “reed pipes”)
Old Country StompHenry Thomas
2:54instrument (as “reed pipes”)
Railroadin' SomeHenry Thomas
3:18instrument (as “reed pipes”)
Red River BluesHenry Thomas
3:07instrument (as “reed pipes”)
The Fox and the HoundsHenry Thomas
2:38instrument (as “reed pipes”)
The Little Red CabooseHenry Thomas
2:49instrument (as “reed pipes”)