frottoir (Zydeco vest scraper)

~ Percussion instrument


ReleaseArtistFormatTracksCountry/DateLabelCatalog#BarcodeRelationship types
Solidaritude (La Solidaritude)Robert Charlebois12" Vinyl11
SolidaritudeRobert Charlebois12" Vinyl11
Barclay80 500[none]instrument
Spinning WorldHeartbeats Rhythm QuartetCD15
Green LinnetGLCD 2111048248211123instrument (as “rubboard”)
La ToussaintSteve Riley and the Mamou PlayboysCD13
  • US1995-07-05
RounderCD 6068011661606821instrument (as “rubboard”)
La chanson perdueGeno Delafose and French Rockin’ BoogieCD15
RounderCD 2151011661215122instrument (as “rubboard”)
VermilionContinental DriftersCD14
  • US1999-10-12
Razor & TieRTJC82848-2instrument (as “rubboard”)
Zing zang zo!!Bill RussellCD23
Merriweather Records Ltd (Canadian folk/children's label based in Aurora, ON)MBR07775020099425instrument (as “rubboard”)
IdiologyMouse on MarsCD11
  • DE2001-04-23
Our Choice, SonigRTD 195.3765.2, sonig 18 cd4005902376525instrument
IdiologyMouse on MarsCD11
  • GB2001-04-23
Domino (UK – WIG or RUG cat #s)WIGCD 935034202009320instrument
IdiologyMouse on MarsCD11
  • US2001-04-24
Thrill JockeyTHRILL 098036172879823instrument
IdiologyMouse on MarsCD11
Sound Improvementsi29CDinstrument
IdiologyMouse on MarsCD11
Everlasting RecordsEVERCD 174instrument
Home BrewSean Ardoin & ZydekoolCD12
Tomorrow Recordings (US zydeco)TMR 70007-2667257000728instrument (as “rubboard”)
100% Fortified ZydecoBuckwheat ZydecoCD10
  • US2005-09-13
Shout! FactoryDK 34072826663407228instrument
At the End of the River (Au bout de la rivière)The RevelersCD11
  • US2019-11-08
888295939805instrument (as “rubboard”)
2StewDelicious Blue StewCD13