harmonium (Portable Indian reed organ)

~ Wind instrument


Not to be confused with European upright reed organ also commonly known as "Harmonium".
Also known as the samvadini, it was developed in India from imported reed organs. Consists of a wooden box-shape with a keyboard and a bellows in the back; both are operated by the same player, often a singer. While upright versions exist, they are rare.


type of:reed organ (Organ with free reeds)
derivations:shruti box
derived from:regal (Portable bellowed reed organ)
picture:https://static.metabrainz.org/irombook/harmonium/harmonium.png [info]
Wikidata:Q213461 [info]
other databases:https://saisaibatake.ame-zaiku.com/gakki/gakki_jiten_harmonium.html [info]