kethuk (Small boxed gong-chime used in Javanese gamelan)

~ Percussion instrument


Always used with kempyang, it consists of a single bronze kettle-gong, pitched deeper than kempyangs'. Flat top bossed gong is sat in a highly decorated rancak frame, beaten with tabuh beaters by the same person.


Ketuk and kempyang are always used together, the kempyang is higher pitch than the ketuk, both are hit by tabuh beaters and frequently played by the same person. Sometimes only ketuk is used, but kempyang is never used without ketuk. Both have a raised central boss, however the top around the boss is flat (setren) in the ketuk and more arched (jaler) in the kempyang.

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from:Jawa, Indonesia
type of:gong-chime (Arrangement of kettle shaped gongs)
related instruments:kempyang (Small boxed double gong-chime used in Javanese gamelan)
part of:gamelan (Indonesian traditional ensemble)
Wikidata:Q6387170 [info]