shawm (12th century to present double reed woodwind)

~ Wind instrument


Not to be confused with zummara or other double clarinets with similar names.
For the multiple bore free reed created in 1880, see Martinshorn.
For the similarly named single-reed woodwind, see chalumeau.
For the Japanese descendant named from Portuguese, see charumera.
For the Catalan shawm, see tible.
For the Italian ciaramella, see piffero.
For the bagpipe, see xeremies.

European medieval and Renaissance conical bore double-reed woodwind, two types evolved; one from Middle-Eastern instruments and one from bagpipe chanters. A combination of both were used to develop the modern oboe.


used in:medieval
subtypes:tarota (Wooden keyless shawm from Catalonia)
tenora (Catalonian double reed descendant of shawm)
tible (Catalan valved shawm used in cobla)
type of:double reed
piffero (Italian double reed with conical bore)
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