gong-chime (Arrangement of kettle shaped gongs)

~ Percussion instrument


Chiefly used in Southeast Asian music, these consist of from only 1 to several dozens of metal (often bronze) "kettles", set in a wide variety of different supports and played with mallets.


subtypes:bonang (Family of bronze gong-chime sets used in Javanese gamelan)
kempli (Singular metal timekeeping gong-chime used in Balinese gamelan)
kempyang (Small boxed double gong-chime used in Javanese gamelan)
kenong (Large high-pitch gong-chime used in Indonesian Gamelan)
kethuk (Small boxed gong-chime used in Javanese gamelan)
reyong (Gong-chime used in Balinese gamelan)
type of:percussion idiophone
Wikidata:Q5581711 [info]