keytar (Shoulder-strapped electric keyboard)

~ Electronic instrument


ArtistTypeGenderAreaRatingRelationship Types
Tyler AcordPersonMaleUnited Statesmember of band
Benatar (Your Favorite Martian)PersonMaleLos Angelesmember of band
Marie-Laure BéraudPersonFemaleFranceinstrument (as “casio”)
Matthew BivinsPersonMalemember of band
Christopher BowesPersonMaleUnited Kingdominstrument
Brody BrownPersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument
Stanley BrownPersonMalemember of band
Phillip CampbellPersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument (as “MIDI guitar”)
Michael CaruanaPersonMaleAustraliainstrumental supporting musician
Chimune ShikimiePersonMalePaumember of band
Matt Clifford (keyboardist)Personinstrument
Chad CopelinPersonMaleOklahoma Cityinstrument (as “keys guitar”)
DāM‐FunKPersonMaleUnited States4.5instrument
Benjamin Dehli (Dehli Musikk)PersonMalemember of band
동명 (Onewe)PersonMaleSouth Koreamember of band
Julie DoylePersonFemaleinstrument (as “piano guitar”)
Andrew EstradaPersonMaleinstrument, member of band
Kieran Fallon (Kieeeeern)PersonMalePhiladelphiainstrument, member of band
Gregg GiuffriaPersonMaleUnited Statesmember of band
H ZETT MPersonJapan5member of band
Dave Hampton (The Koopas)PersonMaleinstrument
Herbie Hancock (US jazz pianist, keyboardist, bandleader and composer)PersonMaleUnited States5instrument, instrument (as “clavitar”)
Egil HegerbergPersonMaleNorwaymember of band
John Hill (producer and songwriter, aka Johnny Rodeo)PersonMaleUnited Statesprogramming (as “synths”)
Steve HowePersonMaleUnited Kingdominstrument
Christian Lee HutsonPersonMaleLos Angelesinstrument (as “casio guitar”)
Tyler JosephPersonMaleUnited States5member of band
JS (from Trout)instrument (as “casio”)
Henrik KlingenbergPersonMaleÅland Islandsinstrument
Phil Le CheminantPersonMalemember of band
Alex LillyPersonFemaleLos Angelesmember of band
Annabella ManeljukPersonFemaleinstrument (as “Korg micro”)
Bruno Mars (US singer)PersonMaleUnited States3.75instrument
Rob Mazurek (American cornet / trumpet player)PersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument
Page McConnellPersonMaleUnited Statesinstrument
MetamonoGroupUnited Kingdom5instrument (as “Korg ms20”)
Preston MoroniePersonMalemember of band
Maddy MyersPersonFemaleBostonmember of band
Jordan Olds (Gwarsenio Hall / Two Minutes to Late Night)PersonMaleBrooklyninstrument
Owen (keyboardist in The Birthday Massacre)PersonMaleCanadamember of band
Reto PeterPersonMaleOaklandmember of band
Dana Jean PhoenixPersonFemaleCanadainstrument
Rabbit (Steam Powered Giraffe)PersonFemaleSan Diegomember of band
William Carlos Reyes (video game arranger & guitarist)PersonMaleinstrument (as “guitar synth”)
Teddy Riley (US R&B singer & producer)PersonMaleUnited Statesinstrumental supporting musician
Agustina RuizPersonFemalemember of band
Ryanimay (keytar Player for LMFAO)PersonMalemember of band
Erik ScheelePersoninstrument
Stint (Ajay Bhattacharyya)PersonMaleCanadaprogramming (as “synths”)
Diego Tejeida (member of Haken)PersonMaleinstrument, member of band
Vivian TrimblePersonFemaleUnited Statesinstrument (as “keyboard strings”)
Vanessa VakhariaPersonFemaleinstrument, member of band
Bent Van Looy (Belgian drummer, singer & songwriter)PersonMaleBelgiummember of band
Ben WallacePersonMaleAlbuquerquemember of band
Marcy WeilandPersoninstrument