veena (Family of ancient Indian chordophones)

~ Family


Two subfamilies, The North Indian 2 gourd stick zither used in classical Hindustani music and the the South Indian single gourd lute used in classical Carnatic music.


Generally separated into two subfamilies:
The North Indian which are stick zithers with 2 gourds used in classical Hindustani music.
The South Indian which are pear shaped lutes with a single gourd at the peg end used in classical Carnatic music.

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from: India
consists of: Saraswati veena (Ancient Carnatic veena lute)
chitra veena (Ancient South Indian fretless Carnatic slide lute)
rudra veena (Ancient large North Indian tube zither)
tritantri veena (Indian three-stringed long-necked lute)
vichitra veena
derivations: sitar (Indian long-necked lute)
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