percussion idiophone

~ Percussion instrument


Generally consists of one to very many plates, sticks, or other objects hit with (or against) various types of mallets.


subtypes:anvil (Tuned metal shape.)
bell (Tuned metal cups)
bell plate (Set of tuned metal plates used in western orchestra)
boomwhacker (Tuned hollow plastic tubes)
celesta (Struck metal plate keyboard instrument)
chimes (Arrangement of hanging struck tuned metal rods.)
dulcitone (Acoustic keyboard tuning fork idiophone)
gong (Tuned metal discs)
gong-chime (Arrangement of kettle shaped gongs)
handpan (Tuned metal ufo)
kepyak (Metal plate percussion used in Javanese gamelan)
lithophone (Arrangement of struck tuned stone bars.)
metallophone (Arrangement of struck tuned metal bars.)
slit drum (Hollow wooden idiophone)
triangle (Tuned metal shape)
tubulum (PVC pipe instrument)
tumutumu (Māori taonga pūoro ancient struck idiophone)
udu (Nigerian clay jug idiophone)
xylophone (Arrangement of struck tuned wooden bars.)
type of:struck idiophone
Wikidata:Q30038792 [info]