sitar (Indian long-necked fretted gourdlute)

~ String instrument


Soundbox made of gourd, it has 18-21 (6-7 on frets and 11-15 sympathetic under the frets) metal strings, two bridges and a long wooden neck where the tuning pegs of the sympathetic strings are attached. Used in India since ancient times, it flourished during the 16-17th before arriving at it's current form in the 18th century. It became popular worldwide in the 1950-60.


subtypes:kachva sitar (Flat-cut gourd sitar)
surbahar (Bass sitar)
derivations:electric sitar (electric guitar variant of sitar)
derived from:veena (Family of ancient Indian lute-like chordophones)
related instruments:tanpura (Indian drone long-necked frettless gourdlute)
has hybrids:bin-sitar (Hybrid fretted stick-zither)
sursingar (19th century large North-Indian dhrupad bass-sarod)
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