~ Percussion instrument


ReleaseArtistFormatTracksCountry/DateLabelCatalog#BarcodeRelationship Types
Globe UnityAlexander von Schlippenbach, Globe Unity Orchestra12" Vinyl2
SABA (precursor to MPS Records)SB 15109instrument
New Acoustic Swing DuoHan Bennink & Willem Breuker12" Vinyl6
Instant Composers PoolICP 001[none]instrument (as “small and large tom toms”)
On the TownChief Commander Ebenezer Obey And His International Brothers12" Vinyl10
Decca RecordsWAPS 30instrument
The Third DecadeArt Ensemble of Chicago12" Vinyl6
ECM Records (Edition of Contemporary Music)ECM 1273instrument
Urban BushmenThe Art Ensemble of Chicago2×CD4 + 6
  • DE1987-03-17
ECM Records (Edition of Contemporary Music)829 394-2, ECM 1211, ECM 1212042282939425instrument (as “tom-tom drums”)
Sonic GeologyBirdsongs of the MesozoicCD18
RykodiscRCD 20073014431007323instrument
  • XE1990-11-06
Virgin (worldwide imprint of Virgin Records Ltd. and all its subsidiaries)CDV 2074077778723820instrument
Volo VoloPoi Dog PonderingCD14
  • US1992-03-03
Columbia (Sony Music, worldwide except JP; formerly owned by CBS between 1938–1990 within US/CA/MX)CK 4696007464469602instrument (as “floortom”)
Chaos A.D.SepulturaCD13
Epic (US label founded by CBS in 1953, now owned by Sony)EK 57458074645745824instrument (as “floor tom”)
Conduction 38: In Freud’s Garden / Conduction 39: Thread Waxing Space / Conduction 40: Thread Waxing SpaceLawrence D. “Butch” MorrisCD4
CounterCurrents, New World Records (jazz/classical)80486-2093228048626instrument
666.667 ClubNoir DésirCD13
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury.” A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)534 268‐2731453426825instrument
Guest HostStewCD11
  • US2000-09-12
The Telegraph Company (US)10112800223101122instrument
Linnéas fina visorCornelis VreeswijkCD12
Universal Music AB (Swedish subsidiary of Universal Music Group)159237-2601215923728instrument
Finding NemoThomas NewmanCD40
  • US2003-05-20
Walt Disney Records60078-7050086007875instrument (as “floor toms”)
Out of the NightChris Joris ExperienceCD11
W.E.R.F. (Belgian jazz label)0385413905110388instrument
  • FR2005-03-09
Song of the Traveling DaughterAbigail WashburnCD14
  • US2005-08-02
Nettwerk America0 6700 30423 2 1067003042321instrument (as “Leedy 1940s calfskin 16" tom”)
WALL·E: An Original Walt Disney Records SoundtrackThomas NewmanCD38
  • US2008-06-24
Walt Disney RecordsD000174302050087119508instrument (as “floor toms”)
SolmamdenloZmiyaDigital Media8
  • XW2008-09-20
Windprints: L'Empreinte du VentDidier MalherbeDigital Media28
  • FR2009-03-19
Cézame (production music, cat # prefix: CEZ)CEZ 4031[none]instrument
The Las Vegas StoryThe Gun Club2×CD10 + 14
  • GB2009-10-22
Cooking VinylCOOKCD507711297490725instrument
Von Humboldt PicnicMardi Gras.bbEnhanced CD12
  • DE2010-04-02
Hazelwood Music ProductionHAZ 0704260079450571instrument
Songs We Like to Listen To While Traveling Through Open SpaceThe MoonbandCD13
  • DE2010-08-13
Rockville (German rock label)RV-MB-0014023136006384instrument
Phosphene DreamThe Black AngelsCD10
  • US2010-09-14
Blue HorizonBHV-167802016581678026instrument (as “floor tom”)
Music for the Kilted GenerationRed Hot Chilli PipersCD13
REL Records (Scottish label)RECD572722932057227instrument (as “marching toms”)
Jazz MindEd Schrader’s Music BeatDigital Media10
  • -2012-03-20
Load Recordsinstrument (as “floor tom”)
Crime Story TapesMardi Gras.bbEnhanced CD16
  • DE2012-10-05
Hazelwood Music ProductionHAZ088886116000178instrument
DesideratumPlanning for BurialCD5
  • US2014-05-13
The Flenser (aka Flenser Records)FR44723175699410instrument (as “floor tom”)
Wastelander Panda: Exile (bandcamp)Christopher LarkinDigital Media14
  • XW2015-08-17
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none][none]instrument (as “tom drums”)
Blossom BellsErland DahlenDigital Media6
  • DE2015-08-28
Medicine for BirdsAngelica GarciaDigital Media12
  • DE2016-09-30
instrument (as “chinese tom tom”)
  • US2017-06-09
MotémaMTA-CD-228, MTM0228181212002287instrument
Mandatory Reality (black vinyl)Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society2×12" Vinyl2 + 3
  • US2019-04-12
Eremite RecordsMTE 70-71instrument
Hotel Last ResortViolent FemmesCD13
  • US2019-07-26
Add It Up ProductionsPIASR1100CD5400863011864instrument
New Acoustic Swing DuoHan Bennink / Willem Breuker2×CD6 + 6
  • US2019-12-06
Corbett vs. DempseyCvsD | CD066instrument (as “small and large tom toms”)
The Eternal, Unrelenting DaylightThe Water WitchDigital Media3
  • XW2021-10-15
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none][none]instrument (as “flaw tom”)
Wired WaysWired WaysCD9
  • DE2022-09-22
Broken Silence (Independent Distributor), Waterfall Records23324, WR2202CD4250579801058instrument (as “orchestral shoer room toms”)