electric guitar

~ String instrument


Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length Instrument Credits
‐Ish (live, 1976-09: Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, London, UK) Brand X GBAAA7700213 8:31
! George Hrab 3:50
¡Camina! Mamá Ladilla 2:42
¡Dame rock & roll! (live, 1995-08-19: Plaza de toros de Santoña, Santoña, Cantabria, Spain) Los Suaves ES6009500117 7:00
¡Mira qué boda! Rosario 3:17
¡Niño…estate quieto! Jordi Bonell 6:36
¡Pobre jugador! (live, 1995-08-19: Plaza de toros de Santoña, Santoña, Cantabria, Spain) Los Suaves ES6009500108 5:23
¡Pobre jugador! Los Suaves 5:24
¡Taxi! Hilario Camacho 3:15
¡Ya está bien! Triana 3:11
¡Ya está bien! (tangos) Enriquito ES33B1102601 4:31
? George Hrab 3:25
¿Bailas? Carles Benavent ES67B1100602 5:17
¿Por qué? Hamlet 4:08
¿Sabes? ¡Phil Lynott murió! (live, 2010-09-18: Recinto Expourense, Ourense, Galicia, Spain) Los Suaves 3:22
… (instrumental) Pop Evil 0:31
… April 21st 753 B.C. Vincenzo Ricca · Paolo Ricca 6:13
… His Teeth Got Lost in the Mattress… Cul de Sac 3 3:07
... inside My Madness Unlumination 5 0:39
… The Black Frequency Sheik Anorak 4:37
… Towards the Future Vincenzo Ricca · Mauro Montobbio 5:37
... When Everything Tremors Tremors 4 2:36
...å det blir bara värre Massgrav 0:41
…and Justice for All (live, 2007-07-12: Stadion, Stockholm, Sweden) Metallica 10:22
…and Justice for All (live, 2007-07-18: Luzhniki Stadium, Moscow, Russia) Metallica 10:07
…and Justice for All (live, 2007-07-15: Olympic Stadium, Helsinki, Finland) Metallica 10:47
…and Justice for All (live, 2007-07-10: Valle Hovin Stadion, Oslo, Norway) Metallica ?:??
…And the Devil Cried Psychotic Waltz 5 5:44 lead guitar and lead guitar
…and the Great Cold Death of the Earth Agalloch 4.35 7:14
…And We All Have a Hell From First to Last 3:22
…and We Thought That Nation-States Were a Bad Idea Propagandhi 2:25
…and You? 本田雅人 JPVI00131550 5:50
…Remember Ken Sharp 1:24
…This Town… Elvis Costello USWB19904266 4 4:30
...to Live for My Death... Shape of Despair 4 17:21 rhythm guitar
...まもって、ください 三澤康広 2:20
…助けて、くれますか? 三澤康広 2:04
.357 Magnum Is a Monster Ice 7:52
'71 Frank Weber 3:28
'round Midnite Ted Shumate With Ira Sullivan 7:51
'S ganze Leben für'n Rock 'N' Roll STS ATA018700030 4:09
'til I Gain Control Again Rodney Crowell 5:07 lead electric guitar
'Til It Runs Dry Holly Williams 3:08
'Till the Blues Go Home Johnny Jenkins 3:53
'Tite Fille Boozoo Chavis USRO20116608 4:01
'way 'Cross Georgia David Sanborn 4:29
'Ya Famous George Hrab 4:37
‘It’s a Good Life If You Don’t Weaken’ The Tragically Hip CAM190200020 2 4:26
‘Use It Up’ The Tragically Hip CAM190200026 3.5 4:18
’39 Queen GBCEE0500368
4.2 3:31
’cause I Like It That Way SHeDAISY USHR19800209 3:47
’Cross the Breeze Sonic Youth 4 7:01
’Nuff Said Chain and the Gang 2:50
’S Wonderful Karrin Allyson 4:30
’til It’s Shot Femme Fatale 4:24 rhythm guitar and lead guitar
’Til the Money Runs Out Tom Waits USEE10170337 5 4:26
’til You Alanis Morissette USUJL1200156 3 4:07
"...still plenty of good music..." Larry Polansky 8:30
"C" Jam Blues (April-May 1950) Django Reinhardt et le Quintette du Hot-Club de France FRZ110902599 3:36
"C" Jam Blues (live, 1949-10-25: Radio Genève) Django Reinhardt 2:36
"Death to False Grindcore" Beaten to Death 1:48
"Forever" of the Stars Ayreon 2 2:02
"Iss" Lanseï Doïa Magma 11:09
"Pardao" (live, 1995-08-19: Plaza de toros de Santoña, Santoña, Cantabria, Spain) Los Suaves ES6009500114 7:21
“Crystal Pub Crawl” (Paper Mario) Zero Nimbus 4:16
“Green Garden” (Bomberman 64) Gimmick! 2:30
“Heroes” (live, 1992-04-20: The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness, Wembley Stadium, London, England) Queen, David Bowie & Mick Ronson USUG11800653 3 4:40 lead guitar
“I Love Monster Movies” (live / 12‐10‐73 / show 2) Frank Zappa 2:11
“Lordly Caliber Medley” (Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber) Matheus Manente & Gryzor87 4:52
“President Dead” Marilyn Manson USIR10001283 3.65 3:13
“The Take Over, the Breaks Over” Fall Out Boy USUM70700329 4 3:34
“Turn the Light Off” / Pamela’s Intro (live / 12‐10‐73 / show 2) Frank Zappa 4:00
“We’re Makin’ a Movie” (live / 12‐9‐73 / show 1) Frank Zappa 3:16
“Wow. Much point. So tennis. Advantage.” (Mario Tennis) Fisherman's Horizon 6:27
(All I Can Do Is) Dream You Roy Orbison USQR41400070 3 3:40
(Baby) You Got What It Takes Buddy Guy feat. Joss Stone USRC11501502 3:18 1974 Telecaster Custom
(Beat by) Jealousy Heart 3:22 lead guitar and lead and rhythm guitar
(Beck’s) Bolero (mono single version with backwards guitar) Jeff Beck GBAYE0500546 3:11
(Chica-Oh) Drims El Guincho GBBKS1000290 3:39
(Coda) Tom Rush 0:48
(Do the) Latke Flip-Flip The Klezmatics USFV30600019 4:03
(Don't Bury Me in) Sacred Ground Them Pulp Criminals 3:42
(Don't Let 'em) Grind Ya Down Motörhead 3:07
(Don't Need) Religion Motörhead 2:42
(Fallin' Like) Dominoes (live, 1976-07-19: Central Park, New York, NY, USA) Donald Byrd 6:12
(Ghost) Riders in the Sky Buck Pizzarelli and the West Texas Tumbleweeds 4:37
(Goin') Wild for You Baby Bonnie Raitt 5:26
(Gotta Get a) Meal Ticket Elton John GBAMB7500006 3 4:01
(Great ) Ball of Issues Dennis Chambers / Jeff Berlin / Dave Fiuczynski / T Lavitz 5:39
(Happy) Death Day Alien Ant Farm USDW10022222 3 4:34 Electric gitz
(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (live, 1966-07-28: Hawaii International Center, KPOI radio show, Hawaii, USA) The Rolling Stones 5:16 guitar and guitar
(I Cry at) Commercials Stephan Eicher FRUM70600270 4:14
(I Got) Business With the Blues Alan Price & The Electric Blues Company 4:08
(I Know My Baby Loves Me) In Her Own Peculiar Way Ernest Tubb 2:31
(I Never Wanted) To Be a Star Cat Stevens GBAAN7700061 3:03
(I Wanna) Go to the Sun Peter Frampton ?:??
(I Want to) Come Home Tom Jones GBUM71202342 3:16
(I Watched Her) Walk Away Fred Simon 4:39
(I'll Be Glad When You're Dead) You Rascal You Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five with Louis Armstrong 3:07