Cristal Baschet

~ Percussion instrument


NameArtistISRCsRatingLengthRelationship Types
After the ChaseCliff Martinez35:26instrument
Bride of DeluxeCliff Martinez43:57instrument
CapriceDennis James3:51instrument
Christ Hall Blues: AriaJörg Waschinski, David Coulter, Thomas Bloch4:50instrument
Christ Hall Blues: RecitativoJörg Waschinski, David Coulter, Thomas Bloch2:17instrument
Christ Hall PostludeDavid Coulter, Thomas Bloch2:03instrument
Cold SongJörg Waschinski, Thomas Bloch5:47instrument
Ein leis und traurig LiedOugenweide6:53instrument (as “Baschet-Instrumente”)
HammerCliff Martinez44:44instrument
He Had a Good TimeCliff Martinez31:37instrument
I DriveCliff Martinez32:04instrument
Kick Your TeethCliff Martinez32:40instrument
My Name on a CarCliff Martinez32:19instrument
On the BeachCliff Martinez36:35instrument
Pavane, Op. 50Dennis James6:48instrument
Petite ImpressionDennis James3:02instrument
Rubber HeadCliff Martinez33:09instrument
Sancta MariaJörg Waschinski, Jacques Dupriez, Thomas Bloch6:56instrument
See You in FourCliff Martinez32:38instrument
Skull CrushingCliff Martinez35:58instrument
SurfspinStomu Yamashta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve
2:27instrument (as “Instruments Sonores, des Frères Baschet”)
Tameiki Cabaretcoba4:39instrument
Terra Firma (From “the Mercy” Soundtrack)Johann Johannsson & Rutger Hoedemaekers2:38instrument
The Furious Sea of Fogs and SquallsJóhann Jóhannsson1:14instrument
They Broke His PelvisCliff Martinez31:58instrument
Time is HereStomu Yamashta, Steve Winwood, Michael Shrieve
2:54instrument (as “Instruments Sonores, des Frères Baschet”)
Where’s the Deluxe Version?Cliff Martinez45:33instrument
Wrong FloorCliff Martinez31:31instrument