violin family (Modern violin family)

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Developed in the 16th century, these violas da braccio are distinct from the viola da gamba family.
Modern members are:

Past members include the violone (now considered a viol) and bass viol (a forerunner to the violoncello). Occasionally Octobass is also included as a member.


subtypes:violino piccolo
derived from:lira da braccio (Renaissance violin)
related instruments:viol family (Viola de gamba family)
consists of:bass violin (Sixteenth century precursor of the (violon)cello) (amount: previously)
cello (Small bass of modern violin family)
double bass (Contrabass of modern violin family)
octobass (Extralarge 3-string Bass) (optional)
viola (Alto of modern violin family)
violin (Soprano of modern violin family)
violoncello piccolo (for violoncello use "cello")
part of:fiddle family
Wikidata:Q1365097 [info]