rebab (Generic rebab catch-all)

~ String instrument


"Rebab" (and other variant spellings) is the name for chiefly these 3 types of bowed/plucked string instrument families:

Given the name cross-overs they are confused with eachother in most sources. Curiously, this cross-over confusion extends to related but separately or similarly named instruments as well, for example Ghijak (a spikefiddle) and Ghaychak (a boat-shaped).
It is, for the meantime, unknown how, if at all, these 3 subtypes are related.

For the spike fiddle used in gamelan, see Indonesian rebab.
For the plucked, boat-shaped Afghani instrument also know as kabuli rabab, see rubab.
For the medieval Indian plucked lute see Seni rebab.
For the medieval European pear-shaped fiddle see rebec.


subtypes:djoza (ancient Iraqi bowed string instrument)
Indonesian rebab (Indonesian spike-fiddle used in gamelan)
derivations:rubab (Ancient Afghan plucked lute member of the bowed rebab family)
derived from:ravanahatha
Wikidata:Q623509 [info]