musical saw (Bowed metal plaque idiophone)

~ Other instrument


ReleaseArtistFormatTracksCountry/DateLabelCatalog#BarcodeRelationship Types
EinepartietischtennisMisha Mengelberg / Han Bennink12" Vinyl3
  • DE1974-10-28
Instant Composers Pool, FMP (jazz)ICP 014, SAJ-03[none]instrument (as “saw”)
S chunnt halt druf aa um was s grad gaatJürg Jegge12" Vinyl15
ZytgloggeZYT 31[none]instrument
Detto fra di noiAlexander von Schlippenbach / Even Parker / Paul Lovens2×12" Vinyl2 + 2
Po Torch RecordsPTR/JWD 10+11instrument (as “saw”)
She Told Me Lies / I’ve Gotta Way With GirlsThe Chesterfield Kings7" Vinyl2
Mirror RecordsVPA-852[none]instrument
Bucky FelliniThe Dead MilkmenCD16
Enigma Records (80s US rock & alternative), Fever RecordsCDE-73260018777326025instrument
The Ericle of DolphiEvan Parker, Paul Rutherford, Dave Holland, Paul Lovens2×12" Vinyl2 + 3
Po Torch RecordsPTR/JWD 13+14instrument (as “singende Säge”)
Grads und schregsBärner TanzmusigCD21
ZytgloggeZYT 4288[none]instrument
RumblingGlobe Unity OrchestraCD5
FMP (jazz)FMP CD 040instrument
TURbigo 12-12Marie-Laure BéraudCD13
BMG France262 2094007192622092instrument
Mammoth Records, Prawn Song RecordsMR0065-2035498006524instrument
Stella NeraPatent OchsnerCD14
  • CH1997-01-14
BMG Ariola (Schweiz) AG74321425962743214259627instrument
In the Aeroplane Over the SeaNeutral Milk HotelCD11
  • US1998-02-10
Merge RecordsMRG136CD036172943623instrument (as “the singing saw”)
Deserter's SongsMercury RevCD12
  • GB1998-10-05
V2 (imprint of V2 Music Ltd. and its international subsidiaries)VVR10027725033197027722instrument (as “bowed saw”)
Le Principe du sédentaireStéphane BlokCD12
Boucherie Productions, Chantons sous la truieBP34515413356891621instrument
Odysseus 7Ammer · Einheit · HaageCD24
FM 4.5.1instrument
Odysseus 7Ammer · Einheit · HaageCD24
Invisible Records (US industrial/electronic founded by Martin Atkins)INV 118 CDinstrument
NorthSide (US; Nordic roots music)NSD6008021561600829instrument
A 3 Song RecordingThe Black Heart ProcessionCD3
Up Records (independent; Seattle, WA)UP 077796818007729instrument
Crash My Moon YachtCerberus ShoalCD8
  • US2000-07-25
North East Indie, Pandemonium Records (FR)NEI 10, PAN 040666917001020instrument
Hunger!Willem Breuker Kollektief & Loes LucaCD13
BVHAAST9916786497379224instrument (as “singing saw”)
All Is DreamMercury RevCD10
  • GB2001-08-27
V2 (imprint of V2 Music Ltd. and its international subsidiaries)VVR10175225033197175225instrument (as “bowed saw”)
Our Latest CatalogueCircus ContraptionCD15
QuicksandFrank Gratkowski, Georg Graewe, Paul LovensCD4
MeniscusMNSCS 007798576342920instrument (as “singing saw”)
Trash Grass & Love SongsHGHCD11
Stickman Records (originally German label for Motorpsycho, now more European psychedelic rock)Psychobabble 0324015698989229instrument
Now AgainThe FlatlandersCD14
New West RecordsNW6040607396604029instrument (as “saw”)
Everything to EveryoneBarenaked LadiesCD17
  • CA2003-10-21
Reprise RecordsCDW 48209093624820925instrument
Edgar Allen Poe Folge 02: Die schwarze KatzeEdgar Allan PoeCD10
  • DE2003-11-24
Lübbe AudioISBN: 3-7857-1345-29783785713457instrument (as “Singende Säge”)
EncoreThe Three PlectrumsCD16
Absender auf AchseGarishCD12
  • AT2004-02-09
Pate Records, Tapete Recordspate19, TR0299004517330224instrument
Worlds CollideEl DoujeCD13
OctaneSpock’s Beard2×CD12 + 8
  • XE2005-01-31
Inside Out Music089-40700 DCD-E, SPV 089-40700 DCD-E693723013022instrument
OctaneSpock’s Beard2×(unknown)12 + 8
Birdie BluesHilde Louise AsbjørnsenCD13
  • NO2005-09-05
UpNorth DiscsUNCD0017041883700123instrument
Eels With Strings: Live at Town HallEELSCD22
  • GB2006-02-20
Vagrant Records (punk / indie rock label from the US)00601091042322601091042322instrument
Eels With Strings: Live at Town HallEELSCD22
  • US2006-02-21
Vagrant Records (punk / indie rock label from the US)VR423601091042322instrument (as “saw”)
AltitudeThe Blue AeroplanesCD11
  • GB2006-04-03
Harvest (UK based sub‐label of EMI, re‐activated in 2013 under Capitol Music Group in Hollywood, CA)CDSHSP 4132094634582223instrument
Get Yr Blood Sucked OutViva VoceCD12
  • GB2006-08-28
Full Time HobbyFTH024CD5060100661414instrument
Get Yr Blood Sucked OutViva VoceCD12
  • US2006-09-12
Barsuk RecordsBARK 58655173105825instrument
Close to ParadisePatrick WatsonCD13
  • CA2006-09-26
Secret City RecordsSCR002CD068944700226instrument (as “saw”)
Get Yr Blood Sucked OutViva VoceVinyl12
  • US2006-10-31
Monsters in LiveDionysosCD15
  • FR2007-01-08
You, You’re a History in RustDo Make Say ThinkCD8
  • XE2007-02-12
  • CA2007-02-26
Constellation (Montreal record label)CST045-2666561004521instrument
You, You’re a History in RustDo Make Say ThinkCD8
  • XE2007-02-12
  • CA2007-02-26
Constellation (Montreal record label)CST045-2666561004521instrument
Joanna Newsom & The Ys Street BandJoanna NewsomCD3
  • US2007-04-24
Drag CityDC336CD781484033622instrument
People That Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the WorldAndrew Jackson JihadCD11
  • US2007-08-21
Asian Man RecordsAM-153612851015326instrument (as “singing saw”)
La Mécanique du cœurDionysosCD18
  • FR2007-11-05
Ire WorksThe Dillinger Escape PlanCD13
  • US2007-11-13
Relapse Records (US metal label)RR6699781676669929instrument
Heimlich17 HippiesCD12
Hipster-RecordsHIP 0124046661053425instrument
Vintage EspressoIrina Björklund & Peter FoxCD12
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)634479674594instrument
Phylactery FactoryWhite HinterlandCD9
  • US2008-03-04
Dead OceansDOC009656605130927instrument
Treeless PlainThe TriffidsCD19
  • XE2008-04-25
Domino (UK – WIG or RUG cat #s)REWIGCD235034202002321instrument
On the Verge of an AutobiographyKatharina FranckCD12
  • DE2008-12-12
Premium Records (german label)PRE 023-24046661129229instrument
I gabat oisDie StrotternCD12
cracked anegginstrument
Michels Gold (Limited Luxus Edition)Achim Reichel2×CD12 + 14
Tangram (Indigo)9159224047179159227instrument
BoogiemanJohn Frazier and the 8 Year OldsDigital Media14
  • XW2009-01-01
Red Hot BandFirecracker Jazz Band(unknown)14
  • XW2009-10-01
instrument (as “saw”)
Many Moons A-Go-GoSore & StealDigital Media12
  • JP2009-11-16
Lime StereoLS03[none]instrument
To Win or to LoseThe Pine Hill HaintsCD16
K (US indie label)KLP298789856120826instrument (as “saw”)
Jollet rakastaSuvi IsotaloCD10
  • FI2010-03-03
Sound of FinlandSOFCD 0076438187100727instrument
Tango 3.0Gotan Project2×12" Vinyl7 + 8
  • US2010-04-20
XL Recordings, ¡Ya Basta!XLLP488634904048815instrument (as “serrucho (musical saw)”)
Woman in SinFishtank EnsembleCD12
  • US2010-05-11
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)FE1003626570608462instrument
Sound of NoiseVarious ArtistsCD23
  • SE2010-05-12
  • GB2010-05-18
GlenthorneGLN 0095060109098761instrument
En kväll med Peter JöbackPeter JöbackCD16
  • SE2010-11-19
Razzia RecordsRAZZIA1677350019916155instrument
Man in the LighthouseBurgundy GrapesCD14
Inner Ear (Greek label)INN0205200347700372instrument
AlmanacEmily Barker & The Red Clay HaloCD11
  • GB2011-02-07
Everyone SangES2011CD5065001118067instrument
Phantom Songs17 HippiesCD13
  • DE2011-04-15
Hipster-RecordsHIP 0144046661220421instrument
Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de couleur libresMatana RobertsCD8
  • CA2011-05-10
  • GB2011-05-23
Constellation (Montreal record label)CST079-2666561007928instrument
Coin Coin Chapter One: Gens de couleur libresMatana RobertsCD8
  • CA2011-05-10
  • GB2011-05-23
Constellation (Montreal record label)CST079-2666561007928instrument
A Healthy Dose of PainEvripidis and His TragediesDigital Media13
  • DE2011-09-22
Inner Ear (Greek label)instrument (as “saw”)
Darling SpecimensZoë BoekbinderCD12
  • US2011-10-05
Extropian RecordsXTP 003700261340050instrument
The Samuel Suite / Dancing Into OneAaron NovikDigital Media13
  • XW2011-12-12
instrument (as “saw”)
Chanson d'automneIrina BjörklundCD10
Suomen Musiikki, MuFarang InternationalKHYCD0385052498731923instrument
Midnight MidnightMy Heart Belongs to Cecilia WinterDigital Media11
  • -2012-10-05
Chop Records (Switzerland)[none]instrument (as “saws”)
2011 Stadttheater Landsberg am LechStoppok plus ArtgenossenCD13
Innocence is KinkyJenny HvalCD11
  • NO2013-04-19
Rune GrammofonRCD 21427033662021420instrument (as “saw”)
Kind Regards From the Land of WanderCarton SonoreDigital Media10
  • DE2013-10-14
Pet Driftwood (Composition #8)QietCD16
The WeathermanGregory Alan IsakovCD13
Suitcase Town Music (Home to Gregory Alan Isakov)888174014043instrument
TOTP2Keith Top of the Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band12" Vinyl10
Corporate Records (UK label owned by The Indelicates)[none]instrument
wESTAMANErland Dahlen / Hallvard Wennersberg Hagen / Bjorn Charles DreyerCD8
  • -2013
HevhetiaHV 0076-2-3318588005257145instrument (as “saw”)
Mots d'heures : gousses, ramesPierre Bastien, Lukas SimonisDigital Media16
  • DE2014-01-15
Held in SplendorQuiltDigital Media13
  • DE2014-02-17
Mexican Summerinstrument (as “singing saw”)
Zim Zam ZimThe Crazy World of Arthur Brown12" Vinyl10
  • -2014-03-05
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]instrument (as “chainsaw”)
  • XW2014-04-22
Galileo Music Communication8429085261700instrument
  • US2014-06-13
Fat Wreck ChordsFAT910-2751097091029instrument
Broken Glass PartyCousin BonelessDigital Media15
  • US2014-08-23
The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill HaintsThe Pine Hill HaintsDigital Media14
  • DE2014-09-30
K (US indie label)instrument
Endlos RoutinenNils GröndahlDigital Media6
  • DE2014-10-13
WeatherhousePhilip SelwayCD10
Bella UnionBELLACD4555051083081030instrument
The...Pass Over BluesCD13
The Weight of SpringThe White BirchCD12
  • DE2015-02-27
Glitterhouse Records1004264030433783023instrument
Blossom BellsErland DahlenDigital Media6
  • DE2015-08-28
Sister LivesHeavy BootsDigital Media9
  • DE2015-08-28
Furious Hoovesinstrument
For Whom They SingSarah McGowanDigital Media10
  • -2015-12-04
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]instrument
Did I See What I Thought I Saw?Rapid Richard GroupCD-R11
  • -2015
RR-05014-01instrument (as “Saw”)
Ingen hunde hyler herUkendt under andet navnCD12
  • DK2016-03-04
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)Ukendt 004instrument
HumanHarvey Summers featuring Laura ColeDigital Media13
  • DE2016-06-16
Harvey Summers Musicinstrument (as “saw”)
HijrahHarm WülfDigital Media8
  • DE2016-08-26
Deathwishinstrument (as “singing saw”)
Brothers in FarmsSteve ’n’ Seagulls2×12" Vinyl10 + 5
  • XE2016-09-09
Spinefarm RecordsSPINE7956060602547956064instrument (as “saw”)