~ Wind instrument


ReleaseArtistFormatTracksCountry/DateLabelCatalog#BarcodeRelationship Types
This Is Jeremy SteigJeremy Steig12" Vinyl8
Solid State Records (US Jazz)SS 18059instrument
Princess of the SeaChris Hinze, Ustad Salamat Ali Khan, Shafqat Ali Khan, Raghunath SethCD7
Keytone RecordsKYT 767 CD8713094767002instrument
Groove CollectiveGroove CollectiveCD10
  • US1994-03-22
Reprise Records (genuine label, not for bootleg use)9 45541-2093624554127instrument
Tabula RasāBéla Fleck, V.M. Bhatt & Jie-Bing ChenCD11
Water Lily AcousticsWLA-CS-44-CD707723004420instrument
The East InfectionRamasutraCD11
ToxTOXCD 3032774554303220instrument
Global Heart, Native SoulMitenCD9
  • DE1999-12-01
Medial MusicCD 044444036067044448instrument
Green LinnetGLCD 1209048248120920instrument
Breath of the HeartKrishna DasCD6
IndieBlu Music (acquired by Entertainment One in 2010)TRI CD 82062801298206224instrument (as “bansuri (bamboo flutes)”)
Breath of the HeartKrishna DasCD6
Karuna MusicKARCD82004801298200420instrument
EosBijan ChemiraniCD13
L'Empreinte DigitaleED 13147742495314728instrument
Live on Earth (For a Limited Time Only)Krishna Das2×CD8 + 6
IndieBlu Music (acquired by Entertainment One in 2010)MRM-CD-82061801298206125instrument (as “bansuri flute”)
Monsoon WeddingMychael DannaCD19
Milan (main imprint of Milan Entertainment, Inc. and Éditions Milan Music)73138-35981-2 R1731383598128instrument
Notes From Home: Himalayan Folk TunesManoseCD9
Garuda Records (production label founded by Ed Herrmann)046951490224instrument
The Passion of the ChristJohn DebneyCD15
  • US2004-02-24
Integrity Music (US Christian music label), Sony Music (global brand, excluding JP, owned by Sony Music Entertainment; for use as release label only when no sub-label/imprint is specified)30122, SK 92046827969204627instrument (as “bamboo flute”)
Istanpitta: Danses florentines du TrecentoHenri Agnel, Idriss Agnel, Djamshid Chemirâni, Michael Nick, Henri TournierCD9
Alpha (French classical)Alpha 5103760014195105instrument
Τα παιδιά της ΝιόβηςΜίμης ΠλέσσαςCD24
EpicEPC 519269 25099751926924instrument
'Ishq: L'amour absolu / Supreme LoveAbida ParveenCD7
Accords CroisésAC 109794881778829instrument
Protasis RecordsPR 1087-25204049108726instrument
SaltanahSimon Shaheen & Vishwa Mohan BhattCD5
  • US2006-12-07
Water Lily AcousticsWLA-ES-51-CD707723005120instrument (as “bāṇsuri”)
Le son de soie (Silk Sound)劉芳CD11
Accords CroisésAC 116794881814824instrument
LovelandJai Uttal & Ben LeinbachCD7
Sounds TrueM997D9781591794134instrument
Soul in WonderMiten with Deva PremalCD10
  • GB2007-10-09
Prabhu MusicPM140134036067140133instrument
Soul in WonderMiten with Deva PremalCD10
  • DE2007-10-16
Medial MusicCD140134036067140133instrument
Nine HeavensNiyaz2×CD9 + 8
  • US2008-06-24
Six Degrees Records657036 1150-2657036115026instrument
Dracula, DraculaH. C. Artmann gelesen von Erwin Steinhauer, Musik von Georg Graf & Peter RosmanithCD29
ExtraplatteEX-MB 003 007-59005346954087instrument
Windprints: L'Empreinte du VentDidier MalherbeDigital Media28
  • FR2009-03-19
CézameCEZ 4031[none]instrument
In Concert: The Yoga of Sacred Song and ChantDeva Premal, Miten with special guest ManoseCD + DVD-Video12 + 14
  • GB2009-05-26
Prabhu MusicPM140144036067140140instrument
Notes From Home: Himalayan Folk TunesManoseCD9
  • GB2009-06-17
Prabhu MusicPM13062046951490224instrument
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • FR2009-08-24
EllipseImogen HeapCD13
  • GB2009-08-24
Megaphonic RecordsMEGACD40X50886975060528instrument
EllipseImogen Heap2×CD13 + 13
  • GB2009-08-24
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • CA2009-08-25
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • MX2009-08-25
EllipseImogen Heap2×CD13 + 13
  • US2009-08-25
RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)88697-50606-2, MEGACD40X50+886975060627instrument
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • DE2009-09-02
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • IT2009-09-02
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • NZ2009-09-02
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • ZA2009-09-02
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • GR2009-09-14
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • HU2009-09-28
EllipseImogen Heap(unknown)13
  • PL2009-09-28
Sturlunga - Battle of Iceland - Sék eld of þérVoces ThulesCD18
VT 002[none]instrument (as “bansoori”)
Dreamlike on a Fading RoadStoriaDigital Media9
  • XW2012-02-13
2012Deva Premal & Miten with ManoseDigital Media6
  • XW2012-10-16
The OlmsThe OlmsDigital Media10
  • US2013-06-04
The Diary (special edition)The Gentle Storm2×CD11 + 11
  • XE2015-03-23
Century Media (imprint of Century Media Records GmbH and its subsidiaries), Inside Out Music0507088, IOMSECD 4185052205070888instrument
All Is Not Lost, But Where Is It?Suns of ArqaDigital Media7
  • XW2015-03-27
Liquid Sound Designinstrument
DreamtimeTribal GrooveCD10
[none]instrument (as “bansuri flute”)
Στην Ομίχλη των ΚαιρώνΘάνος Μικρούτσικος , Μαριάννα ΠολυχρονίδηCD12
  • GR2017-01-08
Spider Music5205299038702instrument
Istanpitta: Danses florentines du TrecentoHenri Agnel, Michael Nick, Henri Tournier, Djamshid Chemirâni, Idriss AgnelCD9
  • FR2017-06-09
Alpha (French classical)ALPHA 3363760014193361instrument
Istanpitta: Danses florentines du TrecentoHenri Agnel, Michael Nick, Henri Tournier, Djamshid Chemirâni, Idriss AgnelDigital Media9
  • XW2017-06-09
Alpha (French classical)ALPHA 3363760014193361instrument
The TurbansThe TurbansCD11
  • US2018-04-06
Six Degrees Records657036-128026657036128026instrument
Άγρυπνο φεγγάριΝότης ΜαυρουδήςCD13
  • GR2019-04-19
Ianos (Greek book publishing company)97861851416399786185141639instrument
A Throw of DiceRez AbbasiCD19
  • GB2019-11-08
Whirlwind Recordings (UK improv label)WR47417061116237509instrument
The LetterShri SriramDigital Media10
  • XW2020-01-31
Jazzland Recordings (Norwegian label)instrument