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The bagpipe is an instrument consisting of a series of enclosed reeds fed by a bag of air.


subtypes:biniou (Small Breton bagpipe)
gaida (Southeastern Europe and Balkan bagpipe)
practice chanter
säckpipa (Historical Swedish bagpipes)
torupill (Estonian folk bagpipe)
żaqq (Maltese mouth-blown bagpipe)
subtypes (as bellow-blown bagpipes):gajdy (Large Silesian bellow-blown bagpipe)
Great Highland bagpipe (Large Scottish bagpipe)
musette de cour (French baroque bagpipe)
Northumbrian pipes (Small north east England bagpipes)
Scottish smallpipes (Small Scottish bagpipe)
uilleann pipes (Irish bellow-blown bagpipe)
subtypes (as gaita):gaita asturiana (Larger Asturian bagpipe)
gaita de boto (Cloth covered Aragonese bagpipe)
gaita gallega (Two to three drone Galician bagpipe)
gaita sanabresa (Small single drone Sanabrian bagpipe)
type of (as bagpipes):double reed
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