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The bagpipe is an instrument consisting of a series of enclosed reeds fed by a bag of air.


subtypes:biniou (Small Breton bagpipe)
gaida (Southeastern Europe and Balkan bagpipe)
practice chanter
säckpipa (Historical Swedish bagpipes)
torupill (Estonian folk bagpipe)
żaqq (Maltese mouth-blown bagpipe)
subtypes (as bellow-blown bagpipes):gajdy (Large Silesian bellow-blown bagpipe)
Great Highland bagpipe (Large Scottish bagpipe)
musette de cour (French baroque bagpipe)
Northumbrian pipes (Small north east England bagpipes)
Scottish smallpipes (Small Scottish bagpipe)
uilleann pipes (Irish bellow-blown bagpipe)
subtypes (as gaita):gaita asturiana (Larger Asturian bagpipe)
gaita de boto (Cloth covered Aragonese bagpipe)
gaita gallega (Two to three drone Galician bagpipe)
gaita sanabresa (Small single drone Sanabrian bagpipe)
type of:double reed
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