Our glorious history

2022-02-16 - The AcousticBrainz project is discontinued

With the AcousticBrainz project deemed to not have fulfilled its original goals, the MetaBrainz Foundation decides to stop work on it, with a view to shut down the site in 2023.

2021-05-26 - IRC channels move to Libera.Chat

After unexpected upheaval on Freenode, MetaBrainz moves all official channels to Libera.Chat instead.

2021-05-18 - Mergeable collections, artist series and ratable places

Collections can now be merged, in case an editor wants to consolidate several of their collections into one. Additionally, it is now possible to create series of artists, and to rate places (the only entity that could be reviewed on CritiqueBrainz but not rated on MusicBrainz).

2021-04-19 - 1200px thumbnails

1200px thumbnails are added to the Cover Art Archive, providing users with a very large image with a consistent size that avoids having to use the original uploads directly.

2021-04-05 - Pagination added for relationships, user tags

Pagination was added for two very long lists that sometimes couldn't be loaded in full because of timeouts: user tags and entity relationships.

2021-02-23 - Kartik Ohri joins the MetaBrainz team

Kartik Ohri joins the MetaBrainz team to work on ListenBrainz, AcousticBrainz and CritiqueBrainz, plus the Android app, which he had already significantly rewritten as a volunteer.

2021-02-01 - Italian translation released, IPI and ISNI become autoedits

The Italian translation, mostly worked on by salo.rock, is officially released. Adding the first IPI and/or ISNI code for an entity becomes an autoedit, unless the same code is already in use for another.

2020-12-31 - Instrument images, recordings' first release date

Some instrument pages start displaying instrument illustrations by IROM. Additionally, a first release date starts being calculated and displayed for recordings based on the releases they appear on.

2020-10-07 - MBBE_Bot starts running

MBBE_Bot is created to make fixes that are too time-consuming to do by hand, but should still leave a trace in edit history. This usually involves removing URLs from problematic domains, marking URLs from domains that have been closed as ended, and other similar batch-editing jobs.

2020-05-16 - The MusicBrainz Virtual Machine is replaced by MusicBrainz Docker

Since the Virtual Machine project tended to just lag way behind current data because of the time required to always push new versions, it is dropped and users are suggested to just run their own Docker setup for MusicBrainz (which the Virtual Machine already did behind the scenes).

2020-02-18 - Edit history visible without logging in

The edit history for entities is made visible even when logged out, to make it easier to understand how each entity has changed (edit notes are kept hidden to preserve some privacy).

2019-11-12 - Voting suggestions

A new "Voting suggestions" page is released, containing predefined edit searches to help editors find interesting and/or important edits to review and vote on.

2019-08-08 - Collaborative collections

Collection owners are now able to allow other editors to also add/remove entities from any of their collections.

2019-06-25 - MetaBrainz wins copyright troll battle, Wikimedia images dropped

After a lot of behind-the-scenes drama, MetaBrainz wins a legal battle against a copyright troll who tried to sue because of the use of Wikimedia Commons images. Commons images are still dropped from MusicBrainz sites to avoid further issues until Wikimedia makes changes that make image reuse more safe.

2019-04-26 - Web service version 1 taken down

Version 1 of the web service (already deprecated since 2011) is finally taken down for good (more than a year after announcing it would happen in six months!).

2018-11-02 - Genre added as a new entity

Genres are added as a new entity, although still tightly tied to folksonomy tags.

2018-09-10 - BookBrainz becomes official MetaBrainz project

After several years as a community-driven only project, BookBrainz is adopted as an official project and given an actual developer position with the hiring of Monkey.

2018-09-09 - Sambhav Kothari leaves, Nicolás Tamargo joins as a programmer

Sambhav Kothari leaves MetaBrainz after a lot of hard work getting the SOLR server ready. Nicolás Tamargo (reosarevok) joins as a programmer part-time in addition to his style and support positions, to work on MusicBrainz.

2018-07-19 - Picard 2.0 released

A major update for the Picard tagger is released, with a huge amount of bugfixes and improvements.

2018-06-30 - Solr-based search server deployed

Our old search server gets a significant upgrade with its move to Solr, including almost-instant index updates.

2017-10-31 - New entity auto-editing period extended to 24 hours

Rather than having to notice any errors during a fairly brief 1 hour period, editors now have 24 hours to correct errors in the data they have added without needing a vote.

2017-09-06 - Sambhav Kothari and Param Singh replace Roman Tsukanov

Roman Tsukanov decides not to renew his contract. Sambhav Kothari and Param Singh are hired as replacements to work on search and Picard and on ListenBrainz, respectively.

2017-04-11 - "feat." standardization dropped

As part of a long term move towards more fidelity to the original data, we stop standardizing "featuring" and all its variants to "feat.", and ask editors to use whatever is printed instead.

2017-03-13 - Yvanzo joins MusicBrainz as a developer

Yvanzo joins the development team as a second dedicated MusicBrainz developer.

2016-11-08 - MetaBrainz projects complete move to European servers

After many years at Digital West in California, the MetaBrainz project moves all servers to a much larger dedicated provider in Germany, Hetzner.

2016-06-20 - CatQuest becomes Instrument Inserter

CatQuest officially takes over from reosarevok as the main person for adding new instruments to MusicBrainz, with the newly created Instrument Inserter position.

2016-03-01 - Discourse unifies community communication

A Discourse forum platform is added to replace both the old-school forums and the (by now dead) mailing lists and unify community communication in one place.

2016-02-22 - New MusicBrainz design

MusicBrainz itself gets a new design to better match the rest of the *Brainz family.

2015-12-28 - Edit note notifications

A new banner message now notifies users whenever they receive a new edit note.

2015-11-30 - More auto-edits

Edits made by editors to their own release additions within 1 hour of adding them are now auto-edits, as are "Add recording" and "Remove alias" edits.

2015-11-16 - Several new auto-edit types and translations

More edit types are made auto-edits for everyone: "Add relationship" and "Add release"; and "Add", "Edit" and "Remove release label". Additionally, the German, French and Dutch translations are available on the main server.

2015-09-28 - Laurent "zas" Monin becomes sysadmin

Laurent Monin, better known as Zas, joins the team as a dedicated systems administrator, to make sure the servers run properly and help transition to a new community discussion system.

2015-09-17 - The ListenBrainz project goes live

The alpha version of ListenBrainz, an open source and open data alternative to Last.fm®, goes live.

2015-09-08 - "Do Not Cluster" guideline dropped

The increasingly controversial "Do Not Cluster" guideline, which forbid relationship clusters such as linking every Jackson sibling to each other, is dropped - avoiding duplicate data becomes a task for relationship designers, not users entering the data.

2015-09-04 - Roman Tsukanov joins the MetaBrainz team

Former GSoC student Roman Tsukanov begins working for MetaBrainz part-time.

2015-08-06 - Frederik "Freso" S. Olesen becomes MetaBrainz Community Manager

Freso becomes the first MetaBrainz Community Manager, tasked with helping resolve conflicts in the community and keeping an eye on their needs.

2015-07-17 - Ian McEwen leaves MetaBrainz

Ian McEwen leaves the project for personal reasons.

2015-06-29 - Tag up/downvoting

A change is introduced that allows voting for and against existing folksonomy tags, rather than only adding your own.

2015-06-02 - Relationship credits become available

An update is released that allows specifying a credit for artists in a relationship, if not the same as the artist name.

2015-05-19 - Aliases for recordings, releases and release groups

Aliases are added to the three entity types that were still missing them: recordings, releases and release groups. This allows storing aliases for, for example, English names of Asian release groups.

2015-05-18 - The new MetaBrainz website goes live

The new MetaBrainz website, featuring an all-new design and online sign-up for commercial users, is launched, replacing the one designed in the year 2000!

2015-04-27 - Guess feat. buttons

In order to make it easier to fix a lot of cases where featured artists are still part of the track / release titles rather than the artists, guess feat. buttons are added that greatly simplify the process.

2015-04-06 - Release "stubs", minimum voting period for destructive edits

Releases can now be added without any mediums, for cases where the only information available is, for example, a title + date + label + catalog number entry in a catalog. Additionally, any destructive edits such as entity merges and removals no longer close immediately once they get 3 Yes votes, but they remain open for at least 48 hours to ensure people who oppose them have time to see them.

2014-11-19 - The AcousticBrainz project goes live

AcousticBrainz, which aims to crowd source acoustic information for music, is announced in cooperation with the Music Technology Group at Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

2014-10-17 - Style process updated again, reosarevok "promoted" to Style BDFL

The style process is updated again. Rather than requiring long, often angry community debate until something is passed by community consensus without a veto, decisions are taken by a BDFL who consults the community when needed. Nicolás Tamargo (reosarevok) is "promoted" from style leader to style BDFL.

2014-09-17 - Event support, data tracks

Event support is added to MusicBrainz, allowing storing information about concerts and festivals. Also part of this schema change release is a proper way to indicate the content of data tracks in release tracklists, and the extension of tagging to areas, instruments and series.

2014-05-19 - The CritiqueBrainz project goes live

The beta version of CritiqueBrainz is launched.

2014-05-14 - Instruments and series

Two new entity types are added to MusicBrainz: instruments and series. Series of recordings, releases, release groups and works are supported.

2014-03-17 - Work attributes

Works get their first attributes (such as keys) allowing us to store data that doesn't make sense as relationships but deserves more than an annotation entry.

2013-10-14 - PUID support is removed

The diminishing quality of the PUID fingerprinting service and the continued availability of an open source alternative in AcoustID leads to the decision of dropping PUIDs from MusicBrainz and supporting only AcoustID.

2013-08-05 - Cover Art Uploader

A new AJAX coverart uploader is released, making it easier to add cover art to releases.

2013-06-24 - Voting period for contested edits extended

The voting period for edits that get a No vote is extended to give users more time to react to the issues.

2013-05-15 - Areas, ISNI codes and multiple release events per release

A very substantial schema change release adds a new entity type (areas), support for ISNI codes for artists and labels, and the possibility to have more than one release event on one release.

2013-02-11 - Voting period shortened to 7 days

In an effort to reduce the size of the open edit queue and force less waiting for changes, the length of time edits stay open before expiration is reduced from 14 to 7 days.

2012-10-15 - Relationship Editor

The relationship editor, for bulk-editing relationships for a release, is released to production.

2012-10-10 - CAA official release

The Cover Art Archive is officially released.

2012-09-01 - Ian McEwen hired

After a successful Summer of Code, Ian McEwen joins the MusicBrainz team.

2012-06-25 - Empty labels, release groups and works start being auto-removed

Empty labels, release groups and works are now auto-removed after 24 hours of being unused, in the same way artists already were before.

2012-06-02 - Picard 1.0 released

The first full-version release of the Picard tagger comes out, with a lot of changes and improvements.

2012-04-30 - CAA initial release

The Cover Art Archive becomes initially available.

2012-02-17 - reosarevok becomes the MusicBrainz style leader

Nicolás Tamargo (reosarevok) becomes the MusicBrainz style leader, and a new, more official style process using Jira is established.

2012-01-12 - MusicBrainz adds AcoustID support

The open source fingerprinting solution AcoustID (developed by friend of MusicBrainz Lukáš Lalinský) starts being used alongside PUID on MusicBrainz fingerprint pages.

2011-11-23 - Relationships displayed on release pages

After a lot of debate, relationship data starts being displayed on release pages, making it a lot more visible.

2011-08-03 - The Android app goes live

The first version of the MusicBrainz Android app, a Google Summer of Code project by Jamie McDonald, is made officially available.

2011-05-18 - NGS Release

NGS, a MusicBrainz major rewrite, is released!

2011-05-12 - NGS No-Editing Phase

In preparation for NGS, editing is turned off until release.

2011-05-02 - NGS Reduced Editing Phase

In preparation for NGS, editors are encouraged to avoid editing until release unless entirely necessary.

2010-06-18 - Oliver Charles joins MusicBrainz full-time

Oliver Charles begins working for MusicBrainz full-time.

2010-02-08 - mb_server now hosted on Git

MusicBrainz Server source code moved to Git from Subversion.

2009-12-14 - Kuno Woudt hired as full-time developer

Kuno Woudt begins working for MusicBrainz full-time.

2009-06-17 - Imported CD Baby catalog as CD Stubs

Imported the metadata from the CD Baby catalog into our CD Stubs collection.

2009-05-24 - Release Groups, ISRCs, CDStub searching

Release groups, ISRC support, CDStub searching and search fixes released.

2008-11-24 - Collection, Ratings, CDStubs

Collection, Ratings, CDStubs, LastUpdate released.

2008-09-23 - MetaBrainz hires Oliver Charles

Oliver Charles becomes employee #1 of MetaBrainz Foundation.

2008-09-01 - Amazon betas SoundUnwound

Amazon betas SoundUnwound with data from MusicBrainz.

2008-07-30 - BBC dynamic artist pages

BBC launches the dynamic artist pages based on MusicBrainz data.

2008-04-21 - SoC 2008

MetaBrainz accepts three students for Google Summer of Code.

2008-04-01 - MetaWeb signed

MetaWeb becomes a MusicBrainz data user.

2007-12-07 - Track times set from DiscIDs

Editor ojnkpjg runs a script setting track times from DiscID values, creating a huge spike in edits.

2007-11-07 - Last.fm

Last.fm signs up with MetaBrainz and starts using MusicBrainz data.

2007-10-17 - Tags, editor subscriptions, relationship batch-adding

Folksonomy tagging and editor subscriptions are released. Additionally, it's now possible to batch-add relationships to multiple tracks on a release.

2007-06-28 - BBC partners with MetaBrainz

The BBC becomes a MetaBrainz customer and starts using MusicBrainz data.

2007-04-01 - Labels/data quality

Support for Labels and data quality are released.

2007-01-20 - MetaBrainz signs first customer

Linkara Musica becomes first commercial customer of MetaBrainz.

2006-12-17 - Search improvements

The search features and web service improvements are released.

2006-08-15 - Great Dispute

A rift in the MusicBrainz community leads to a Great Dispute.

2006-07-12 - Release editor

An improved release editor and a new site design are released.

2006-03-12 - MusicIP PUID

MusicBrainz partners with MusicIP and starts using MusicDNS's PUID acoustic fingerprints. Picard becomes the official MusicBrainz tagger with PUID support, which causes edit activity to decrease.

2006-03-05 - Indexed search/XML WS

Indexes search and a new XML based Web Service are released.

2006-02-27 - MusicBrainz Move

MusicBrainz moved to Digital West Networks in San Luis Obispo.

2006-01-08 - SG5 Fixes

Style Guideline 5 workaround introduced and unused TRMs pruned from the database.

2005-10-23 - Menus/Client scripting

Top menu navigation improved, duplicate artists, album edit all, track time editing features released.

2005-05-22 - Album languages

Album languages, guess case improvements and revamps edit forms released.

2005-04-19 - MetaBrainz launched

The MetaBrainz Foundation, the legal home for MusicBrainz is announced to the public.

2005-04-10 - Advanced relationships

Advanced relationships that allow users to connect basic data entities is relased and unused TRMs pruned from the database. Inline editing is turned off by default, causing a drop in voting activity.

2005-02-13 - User improvements

Artist subscriptions made public and various smaller user centric improvements are released.

2004-11-14 - Annotations

Annotation support released.

2004-10-10 - FreeDB off/Autoeditors

FreeDB auto import feature turned off and autoeditor elections released. Unused TRMs pruned from the database.

2004-07-24 - Improve voting

Voting logic was improved, web based autoeditor elections released.

2004-05-09 - Install scripts

Edit display improvements, turned off RDF dumps, new install scripts released.

2004-02-24 - Amazon cover art

Amazon cover art support released.

2004-01-17 - Inline edits

Inline edits, new reports, improved data import scripts.

2003-12-28 - Linking

Link to MusicBrainz feature, release events and edit suggestions released.

2003-11-10 - Edit search

A way to search for edits based on several different criteria is released.

2003-10-19 - Release editor

Release editor and Guess Case released.

2003-10-13 - Non album tracks

Non album tracks are released.

2003-07-25 - Easier edit note adding

Edit notes can now be added when creating an edit, making it much easier for editors to explain their changes.

2003-06-22 - Artist subscriptions

Artist subscriptions.

2003-06-07 - Email verification

Users now have to verify their email address for editing.

2003-04-05 - Improved search

A new, much faster search mechanism is added.

2003-03-29 - Dedicated database server

MusicBrainz gets its first dedicated database server.