Summer Breeze Open Air 2014 (2014-08-16) (day 4)

~ Festival


main performers: Biohazard (US hardcore punk / heavy metal band) (time: 00:45)
Brainstorm (German power metal band) (time: 15:20)
Callejon (time: 17:15)
Chrome Division (Norwegian heavy metal band) (time: 22:00)
Cripper (time: 16:30)
Fjoergyn (time: 17:45)
Gutalax (Czech death / grind) (time: 21:30)
Hail of Bullets (time: 20:45)
Heaven Shall Burn (time: 22:55)
Impaled Nazarene (time: 19:30)
Imperium Dekadenz (time: 15:45)
In Extremo (time: 20:30)
Kampfar (time: 13:40)
Legion of the Damned (time: 23:15)
Mantar (time: 01:45)
Master (US death metal band fronted by Paul Speckmann) (time: 22:45)
Mono Inc. (time: 19:25)
Obituary (US death metal band) (time: 16:10)
Rotting Christ (time: 17:00)
Sahg (time: 02:15)
Screamer (Swedish heavy metal band) (time: 20:15)
Septicflesh (time: 17:45)
Texas in July (time: 13:40)
The Very End (Groove Metal from Germany) (time: 19:00)
Thyrfing (time: 14:30)
Tracy Ate a Bug (time: 15:15)
Tarja (time: 18:20)
Undertow (German thrash metal) (time: 12:00)
Watain (Swedish black metal band from Uppsala) (time: 00:30)
Wintersun (Finnish folk metal band) (time: 21:50)
Zatokrev (time: 00:15)
iwrestledabearonce (time: 12:50)


Artist: Heaven Shall Burn
Main Stage(22:55 - 00:25)
Land Of The Upright Ones
The Omen
Voice Of The Voiceless
Hunters Will Be Hunted
Martyr's Blood
Behind A Wall Of Silence
Black Tears
(Song played from tape)
Die Stürme rufen dich
Of No Avail
The Weapon They Fear
The Disease
Trespassing The Shores Of Your World