Milwaukee Metalfest XV (2001-08-10 – 2001-08-11)

~ Festival


main performers:Acheron (black metal band) (time: saturday)
Amon Amarth (Swedish melodic death metal) (time: saturday)
Anathema (British alternative / progressive rock band) (time: friday)
Anoxia (US grindcore/death metal) (time: friday)
Antithesis (US power/thrash metal band) (time: saturday)
Anwyl (time: saturday)
Arson (US hard core / heavy metal) (time: friday)
Averse Sefira (time: saturday)
Bloodthrone (time: friday)
Burial (Massachusetts Death metal band) (time: saturday)
Cadaver Inc. (Norwegian death metal band) (time: friday)
Catastrophic (time: friday)
Ceremonium (US death/doom metal band from NY) (time: saturday)
Chaos Theory (New Jersey groove metal band) (time: friday)
The Chasm (death metal group) (time: friday)
Cold Blooded (US metal band) (time: friday)
Cold Moon (Denver metal band) (time: saturday)
D.R.I. (US punk/hardcore/metal band) (time: friday)
Darkane (Swedish Melodic Death / Thrash Metal Band) (time: friday)
Deceased (Virginia death/thrash metal band) (time: saturday)
Demonicon (time: saturday)
Desolation (Oregon brutal death metal band) (time: saturday)
Despite (Wisconsin grindcore/hardcore/thrash band) (time: saturday)
Dick Delicious and The Tasty Testicles (time: saturday)
Diecast (American metalcore band) (time: friday)
Disdain (New Hampshire heavy metal band) (time: saturday)
Disinter (Chicago death metal band) (time: saturday)
Disneyfist (time: friday)
Distrust (US deathcore band) (time: saturday)
Divine Rapture (time: saturday)
Dying Fetus (United States brutal death metal/grindcore) (time: saturday)
Einherjer (viking metal band) (time: saturday)
The Electric Hellfire Club (time: saturday)
Engrave (Los Angeles death metal group) (time: saturday)
Enter Self (time: saturday)
Epoch of Unlight (time: friday)
Fairytale Abuse (time: friday)
The Fallen (California thrash metal band) (time: friday)
Fog (USA black metal) (time: friday)
Gorgasm (American death metal band) (time: saturday)
Gorgoroth (Norwegian black metal) (time: friday)
Grey Skies Fallen (time: saturday)
Hatred (US death metal band) (time: friday)
Hoods (Sacramento hardcore band) (time: saturday)
Idiom (US progressive metal band) (time: saturday)
Immolation (New York death metal band) (time: saturday)
Impaler (Minnesota horror rock/speed metal band) (time: friday)
Isis (experimental post‐metal band from Boston, US) (time: friday)
Jag Panzer (time: saturday)
Java (Illinois tech metal band) (time: friday)
Kataklysm (Canadian Death Metal) (time: saturday)
Krisiun (Brazilian death metal band) (time: saturday)
Legacy (German death metal band) (time: friday)
Lethal Aggression (time: saturday)
Limbonic Art (Norwegian black metal band) (time: saturday)
Liquid Violence (time: saturday)
Macabre (United States thrash / death / grind) (time: friday)
Mastodon (American heavy metal band) (time: saturday)
Meat Shits (Porngrind band from California) (time: saturday)
Midian (Milwaukee death/groove metal band) (time: friday)
Mimic (US math/progressive metal band) (time: saturday)
Morta Skuld (time: friday)
Mucus Membrane (time: saturday)
Nasum (time: saturday)
Noctuary (time: saturday)
Novembers Doom (time: saturday)
Omen (80's American metal group) (time: friday)
Origin (Kansas metal band) (time: friday)
Pessimist (American Death/Black Metal) (time: saturday)
Phobia (US grindcore band) (time: saturday)
Pig Destroyer (time: saturday)
Primal Fear (time: saturday)
Promisqes (US Death Metal) (time: friday)
Psychotogen (time: saturday)
Rain Fell Within (time: saturday)
The Ravenous (US death metal band) (time: friday)
Reprobation (Brutal Death Metal) (time: saturday)
Rise (US symphonic death metal band) (time: friday)
Rival (Heavy/Power metal from Chicago, Illinois) (time: saturday)
Rwake (time: friday)
Serberus (time: saturday)
Silencer (American metal band) (time: friday)
Soilent Green (American extreme metal band) (time: friday)
Soilwork (time: saturday)
Somnus (Cleveland black/gothic metal band) (time: friday)
Steel Prophet (time: friday)
Summer Dying (time: friday)
Summon (US death metal band) (time: friday)
Swamp Gas (Florida death metal band) (time: saturday)
Sworn Enemy (time: friday)
Syndicate (San Diego prog/power metal band) (time: saturday)
Theatre of the Macabre (time: friday)
Under Threat (Melodic Death Metal) (time: friday)
Unholy (Finnish doom metal) (time: friday)
Veneficum (time: saturday)
Vile (US death metal band) (time: saturday)
Waco Jesus (time: saturday)
Wykked Wytch (time: friday)
Zyklon (Norwegian blackened death metal band) (time: friday)
held at:Miller High Life Theatre in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, United States
part of:Milwaukee Metalfest (order: 2) [info] [info]

Milwaukee Metalfest