1990-04-14: Michael’s Restaurant, Santa Monica, CA, USA (1990-04-14) (Chuck Plotkin wedding reception)

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main performers: Karla Bonoff (background vocals)
Andrew Gold (background vocals)
Patti Scialfa (background vocals)
Bruce Springsteen
Tom Waits
Jimmie Wood (harmonica player)
held at: Michael’s Restaurant in Santa Monica, California, United States
reviews: https://brucebase.wikispaces.com/1990#140490 [info]


Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Artist: Patti Scialfa
Artist: Andrew Gold
Artist: Karla Bonoff

The Fever (with Tom Waits)
Jersey Girl (with Tom Waits)
Stand by Me (with Tom Waits)
It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (with Jimmie Wood)
Glory Days