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Status: This is an official style guideline.

There are three main types of tracks that are titled in a specific manner in MusicBrainz: untitled tracks, which are known to have no title, unknown tracks for which the title (or lack of it) is not known, and data tracks, which are not real audio tracks.

Untitled tracks

For untitled tracks, enter [untitled] as the name. These tracks are clearly shown to lack a title on the release (album sleeve and liner notes) they appear on.

Unknown tracks

For music tracks for which the name (or the lack of it) is unknown, enter [unknown] as the name.

Data tracks

If an audio CD contains a data track at the end which is not visible in an audio CD player, it should not be included in the main part of the tracklist.

If the data track contains audio or video tracks, those tracks should be entered in the data tracks section of the tracklist (enabled by selecting the "This disc contains data tracks at the end" option in the release editor).

If an audio CD contains a data track which is visible in an audio CD player (typically as the first track), use [data track] as the track name. If the data track is on a Various Artists release, use [data] as the artist for the track.

Examples and specific indications



[data track]

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