Series / Alan Lomax Recordings

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Series: Alan Lomax Recordings

A collection of compilations featuring recordings by musicologist Alan Lomax.

The Alan Lomax Collection

Currently some are under the artist The Alan Lomax Collection, which should be cleared by moving releases to VA, and tracks that cannot be identified to [unknown].

Caribbean Voyage

"...anthologizes Alan Lomax’s 1962 recordings of the rich and many-stranded musical traditions of the Lesser Antilles and Eastern Caribbean. Work songs, pass-play songs, story songs, calypso, ritual music, East Indian chaupai, cocoa lute, string bands, tambu-bambu, and steel band music..." - Cultural Equity

Deep River of Song

"...African-American field recordings made for the Library of Congress from 1933 to 1946, a transformative period when black singers of the South and the Bahamas created a new musical language that would captivate people all over the world." - Cultural Equity

Italian Treasury

"In 1954, Alan Lomax and Diego Carpitella set out on a six-months’ voyage of discovery that resulted in an far-reaching documentation of Italian folk music." - Cultural Equity

Southern Journey

"...Alan Lomax made his “Southern Journey” in 1959–60, returning to the rural South (after 10 years abroad) and rediscovering its still-vital traditions." - Cultural Equity

  1. Voices From the American South
  2. Ballads and Breakdowns
  3. 61 Highway Mississippi
  4. Brethren, We Meet Again
  5. Bad Man Ballads
  6. Sheep, Sheep, Don'Tcha Know the Road?
  7. Ozark Frontier
  8. Velvet Voices
  9. Harp of a Thousand Strings
  10. And Glory Shone Around
  11. Honor the Lamb
  12. Georgia Sea Islands
  13. Earliest Times

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