Release / Packaging

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Jewel Case
The traditional CD case, made of hard, brittle plastic. [1]
Super Jewel Box/Case
Similar to the regular jewel case, but with rounded corners and a latch closing mechanism. [2]
Slim Jewel Case
A thinner jewel case, commonly used for CD singles. [3]
A folded cardboard outer, typically made of coated cardboard, with a plastic tray glued into it. [4]
Cardboard/Paper Sleeve
A sleeve, made of paper or cardboard. Traditional packaging for records, also seen with CDs. [5]
Keep Case
The traditional DVD case, made of soft plastic (usually) dark grey with a thin transparent plastic cover protecting the artwork. [6]
No packaging at all. Common for digital media (downloads).
Cassette Case
Regular plastic case as for a cassette.
A book with a sleeve containing a medium (usually a CD).
A double-sided, double-width jewel case capable of holding up to 4 CDs.
Snap Case
A digipak-like case held together with a "snapping" plastic closure.
Gatefold Cover
A cardboard sleeve that folds in halves, thirds, etc. It can hold multiple records or CDs as well as booklets, posters and other memorabilia. [7]
Discbox Slider
A pouch-like package with an internal mechanism that pushes the contents (usually a CD) out of the case when the lid flap is opened.