Rating System

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The rating system allows users to rate MusicBrainz entities (artists, labels, releases and tracks).


User may assign a value between 1 and 5 to various entities as a rating, these values are then aggregated by the server to compute an average community rating for that same entity.

The community rating is shown by default for each entity, however, once a user submits their own rating that value will be shown instead.

Color Definitions

star big unrated.gifstar small unrated.gifUnrated
star big hover.gifstar small hover.gifHover
star big user-rated.gifstar small user-rated.gifUser rating
star big community-rated.gifstar small community-rated.gifCommunity rating

Web Service

The XML Web Service has been updated in order to allow to retrieve or update ratings via WS in a similar way to how folksonomy tagging works.

The two methods of submission/retrieval are:

  1. Using the new /rating resource for submitting/retrieving one specific rating.
    wget --user=<editor name> --password=<password> --post-data=id=8f6bd1e4-fbe1-4f50-aa9b-94c450ec0f11\&entity=artist\&rating=3 http://test.musicbrainz.org/ws/1/rating
  2. Using the two new inc parameters with the artist, label, release or tracks resources as described in XML Web Service.
    ratings and user-ratings