Pianist discographies

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I found these discographies in an unlinked WIX site [1]. Credited to Ateş TANIN (thank you!). They seem very thorough and detailed, so copying them here to save them from perishing.

  • File:Gieseking Discography.pdf
  • File:Gilels Discography.pdf
  • File:Recorded Argerich.pdf
  • File:Recorded Berman.pdf
  • File:Recorded Gilels.pdf
  • File:Recorded Lupu.pdf
  • File:Recorded Richter.pdf
  • File:Recorded Sokolov.pdf
  • File:Recorded Zimerman.pdf

The originals are in MS Word format. I don't know if the author is still updating them; if it appears they are not, then I may convert them to wiki format.