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MusicBrainz is not unique as a database of music information. For a comprehensive list, see wikipedia. This page lists some and indicates if crosslinking is possible.

For an exhaustive list of databases that can be linked to from entities see the whitelist.

General Purpose

Site Description/Notes Access License Advanced Relationship
WikipediaWiki-based free general interest encyclopedia. Free Creative Commons Yes
FreeDBOpen version of CDDB. Free GPL No
DiscogsCommercial site, switched to a public domain license for its data in early 2008. Free Public Domain artists, release groups, releases, labels
MusicMozComprehensive directory of all things music, edited by volunteers. Imports data from MusicBrainz. Free MusicMoz Data Use LicenseYes
AllmusicCommercial site. Part of content is freely available. Free Proprietary artists, release groups, recordings, works
Gracenote (formerly CDDB) Commercial site. Inspired MusicBrainz to start by stealing all the public data Proprietary No
Rate Your MusicMetadata database allowing users to rate and review albums. Commercial site. Free Proprietary No
WorldCatInternational network of library holdings Yes
Open LibraryInternet Archive's project for books (including audiobooks) Yes
GD3Commercial site. Also supports DVDs. Proprietary No
gnudb.orgFree No
Open CD IndexFree GPL No
JaxstaAggregator of content-owner supplied music credits through DDEX. No
Sound CreditMusic credits platform for capturing metadata in DDEX RIN format. Also provides an online database. No


Site Description/Notes Access License Advanced Relationship
SoundtrackCollectorMovie soundtrack database. Free No
VGMdbDatabase of videogame music Free artists, labels, releases
Encyclopaedia MetallumDatabase of bands from various forms of heavy metal music Free No
SA-CD.netDatabase referencing Super Audio CDs Free No
EncyclopédisqueDatabase of French 7" Free No
SoundamentalDatabase of French singles and albums. Has catnos and barcodesFree No
45catGlobal database for 7" vinyl Yes
SamplerInfosDatabase of German samplers and compilations Free No
LaserDisc DatabaseDatabase cataloging all LaserDiscs ever been released. Also has information for HD DVD, CED, VHD and D-VHS releases. Free No
臺灣流行音樂資料庫Taiwan Popular Music Database Free No
allmusic.huHungary music database Free No


Site Description/Notes Access License Advanced Relationship
The Covers ProjectA database of cover songs (songs performed by an artist other than the original performer). Uses MusicBrainz data. Free No
Second Hand SongsA database of cover songs containing artists, songs and covers (80K originals, 640K cover songs and 3166 songs with samples) (2018-10-27). MB allows linking. Free artists, releases, works
coverinfo.deLarge database that lists more than 50000 cover songs and samples, main site and interface in German, but there is also a user guide in English. Free No
MetamuseMetamuse is an ever expanding database of cover songs and remixes by major and independent record label artists from around the world. Watch videos, rate and comment on song versions by different artists. Possibly offline 2018-10.Free No
WhoSampledDetails of samples, covers and interpolations Yes


Site Description/Notes Access License Advanced Relationship
International Music Score Library ProjectHolds the Petrucci Music Library, an internet-based collaborative music score library. Free Public Domain Yes (as "has score")
MusOpenOnline music library of copyright free (public domain) music. Offers free music and sheet music downloads. Free Public Domain No
SonataDBCommercial site. No

Open Data

Data available at no cost

Free as in "Free beer, if you drink it in my bar".

  • GnoD:
    nifty little engine that deals with relating artists to each other; the database doesn't appear to be publicly available, but the service is free and in a very usable state
  • Web Music Database


The following is still unsorted

  • Music Plasma: http://www.musicplasma.com/ - very pretty related artist mapping database with audio clips; very little documentation so not sure where their data comes from
  • UPC Database: https://www.upcdatabase.com/ - database of BarCodes including music CDs (as well as DVDs, nappies and other assorted goods)
  • BPMDataBase: http://www.bpmdatabase.com/ - database of dance music tracks with their bpm for DJs - Slowly dying in 2008 due to spam submissions and no non-spam submissions.
  • Wolf's Kompaktkiste: https://www.kompaktkiste.de/
  • CDArchiv: http://www.cdarchiv.de - German site, database supports the Hitbase application
  • VIAF - VIAF is a database that links the person name entries of national libraries together. It should contain every person that has ever released a work.
  • Nederlandse Liederenbank - Database with Dutch lyrics, tunes and songs. Source for origin of (old) works. Crosslinking requested.

(please add any more you know of)

Examples of a more tightly-focused database that is crying out to be built on top of a MusicBrainz foundation:

Defunct Databases

  • Echo Cloud: http://www.echocloud.net/ [not working] - database of related artists (if you like xxx then you might like yyy) based on crawling P2P networks - Down as of 2008-03.
  • Cover Songs Database: http://slicks.ulyssis.org/coverdb/ - similar to above, but also tracks usage in samples - Down as of 5/24/07
  • Music Recommender: http://recommender.ipsi.fhg.de/music/cds.aspx - database of related CDs (if you like xxx then you might like yyy) based on crawling music playlists Down as of 2008-03.
  • MoodLogic: http://www.moodlogic.com/ - proprietary, fingerprint based. mood and genre matching "Effective March 3, 2008, Macrovision announces the end of life (EOL) of the Moodlogic music management and recommendation software."
  • MusicMatch: Their database was taken offline in September, 2007, when Yahoo! aquired them. Yahoo! has since discontinued the MusicMatch software and database completely.
  • Music City:"Collaborative" music and artists DB. Has content from Amazon and no copyright statement (see also thread in their forum). Beta. Does not seem to be very active as of June 2005.
  • ChristianMusicPlace: http://www.christianmusic.org/cmp/artists/
  • The Free Track Info Xchange: http://www.threetix.net - works with the Microsoft Deluxe CD Player, and also has a "universal" data converter (PLC)
  • Daz.com - Seems to mainly source data from freedb
  • Commercial Breaks & Beats: http://www.commercialbreaksandbeats.co.uk/ - UK television advert music database
  • TrackType.org: http://www.tracktype.org/

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