MusicBrainz Summit / 5

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Summit Notes

Thursday, November 20th 2003 (Dave and Rob in Bedford)

    • Switch data dumps to every other day to save bandwidth
    • Put replication in place and then switch full dumps to once a week
    • Possibly add another replication off site machine to do RDF dumps
    • Synchronize the data dumps/RDF dumps to align with replication packet serial numbers
  • Review of progress on the Advanced Relationships work
    • AdvancedRelationships coming along -- perhaps a week's work (system time) work left to beta.
    • Do a complete event model later
    • Release Events: (complete)
      • Create a new table that covers: release event (optional month/date), territory ISO two letter country code
      • * May optionally add release notes later if need arises
      • * Add a default two letter country code to preferences
    • Consider a general notes concept that allows us to attach notes to any entity
  • Linking to MB
    • Make the artist and release pages use MBIDs to allow weblogs and other pages to easy link to MB.
      • Perhaps create an internal caching scheme to not impact the database looking up slower ids
    • Create a JavaScript method for copying links to MB with icons
    • Consider creating a supercession table to allows forwarding of MBIDs in case releases get merged, deleted, etc.
      • Keep track of last used date and lookup counts to allow pruning this data
  • Discuss necessary changes for the mb_server for replication
    • Use separate user for replication and let this user write to the DB. Normal musicbrainz_user would have no write access on the slaves
    • Add a mirror sever setting to
    • Have the login page redirect to the main server.
    • Have the possibility of replicating sanitized moderator information.
    • Deny RDF submits for mirror servers
    • Check out what other pages need to redirect to the main server (reports)
  • Further replication tasks:
    • Schema version # (monotonically increasing, starting at 1)
    • Store current schema version # in
    • Require users to hand update from CVS initially if schema version # changes. Later we will add a more automated method for updating.

Friday November 21st 2003

In attendance:

  • Jamie Munro (host)
  • Dave Evans
  • Robert Kaye

Karma system

  • Not all contributions can be redeemed for all benefits. (eg. a cash contribution should not give moderation trust)
  • Contributions:
    • Code, testing, documentation -> leads to developer trust
    • Moderating, voting -> leads to moderator reputation/trust
    • Cash -> leads to cash reputation
    • Referrals via the HTML links to MB -> leads to promotion reputation/trust
  • Benefits
    • automod status can only be archived via mod/vote contributions
    • Advanced tagger features can be accessed by achieving a certain karma level
    • schwag/amazon credit (give out a percent of of $$$ taken in)
    • credit/visibility (visual cues, email@mb alias)
    • Core supporters (identify and credit the core people who make MB happen)


  • Use points not cash
  • Core supporters can give points for thinker or other non-tangible contributions
  • Use a weighting system to determine if people qualify for a certain benefit
  • Automod contributions use a sliding window (must maintain votes/mod to maintain status)
  • Cash donations unlock advanced tagger features for a fixed period of time.

Improve voting issues:

  • Finish the one moderation release edit feature
  • Number of votes required to pass a moderation is inversely proportional to quality of the moderator (good moderators will require few or no votes, bad/unknown moderators require more votes)
  • Automoderators can cast more votes than one (moderators can chose how many votes to cast)
  • When logged in, add an iframe to the artist/release pages that shows one moderation to vote on:
    • Show votes for this artist or if none, then
    • Show votes for artists in the subscribed list, or if none, then
    • Show votes for related artists, or if none, then
    • Show random votes

Other suggestions:

  • Jamie suggest that we need to create a mozilla search plugin a la MusicMoz (got to and search for music)
  • Jamie suggest that we should have a type of moderator that is specific to a band -- hopefully a band member. This moderator could have veto power over the changes made to the artist in question.

Saturday November 22nd 2003

In attendance:

Audioscrobbler/ notes:

  • Audioscrobbler to host own MB database mirror to handle plugin lookups
  • AS plans to integrate tagging features in AS plugins
  • MB tagger should do some statistical gathering to create a graph of tagger accuracy
  • Relationships: Artist to artist and release to release, no track to track because of resource issues. May become possible once MB is fully integrated
  • People to people matching profiles
  • Some moderation voting atop Audioscrobbler pages if required
  • for RJ and/or add ripping support to Tagger to aid the ripping process of
  • Special MB moderator should be created that submits moderations from AS/
  • How do we share logins?
    • At first AS will require regular MB logins
    • Later we may create a Web service for creating login
    • or share logins with as_username
  • Jamie will contact the Liberty Alliance about single login -- perhaps we can be an example case


  • Contains accurate info that doesn't disappear
  • Uses the same structure as dmoz
  • Contains reviews, releases, general info about artist
  • Whole database is a hierarchy.
  • Runs on donated hardware/software
    • requires a new more powerful server for mirror
  • CC license is a question to put to the community, uses DMOZ license currently

MusicMoz integration plan

  • Goal: Add MusicMoz links to the MB website and encourage MB users to participate in MusicMoz
  • initial match of artists and loading: provide artist name, sortname, mbid, releases and release ids to RF
  • for creating a new artist musicmoz sends artist, sortname, uuid, and musicmoz url to MB via the webservice
  • artists that are linked with musicmoz cannot be changed
    • if mb users want to edit the name then a note is shown and http POST is done to MM site to request the change
    • MM editors can edit artist names via the webs service
  • MB cannot delete artist if linked to MusicMoz
  • MusicMoz linked artists cannot be merged into another artist. Other way around is ok.

MusicMoz new webservice features:

  • AddArtist
    • Send: name, sortname, moz URL
    • Ret: MBID
  • EditArtist
    • Send: MBID, newname, newsortname
    • Ret: OK
  • PendingActionNotice
    • Send: text, mod id, mod link
    • ret: ok

Misc Notes:

  • Can we use FOAF to express musical interest (mail Dan Brickley and cc: RJ) (done)
  • Mail BPM database guy. Our official response is: Hmmm
  • Once the triple alliance (AS, MB, MM) gets going we should do a press release
  • May consider adding details of the alliance to the metabrainz pages.
  • ISMIR: We should submit paper about MB to let the ISMIR crowd know about MB.