MusicBrainz Summit / 2012 Mini-Summit

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This mini-summit is aimed at introducing customers and other people who use MusicBrainz data to the MusicBrainz team. We would like to discuss how MusicBrainz and its community can work more closely with its customers. The summit will take place in London on Mon 30 Jan 2012, 10.30am - 6.00pm. After the summit is over, we're going to have a pint at a nearby pub - the Tower Tavern near BBC Yalding House.

If you are interested in attending, please send mail to rob at musicbrainz dot org. Please tell us who you are and what sorts of topics you'd like to see covered at the summit.

Planned Attendees

Name Organization Status Interests
ruaokMusicBrainz confirmed
ocharlesMusicBrainz confirmed
reosarevokMusicBrainz confirmed Better coordination with the BBC for new artists / BBC Introducing
NikkiMusicBrainz confirmed
gioeleMusicBrainz confirmed
ijabzJthink confirmed
Andy PulestonBBC confirmed product and roadmap updates; potential for extending the data; extending ARs around recordings
Ben Chapman BBC confirmed
Alex RobertsonBBC confirmed working with the MB community; cover art; future plans
Nicholas HumfreyBBC confirmed
Patrick SinclairBBC tentative
Dan Gravellelsten software confirmed Meeting the community, learning of new developments, and understanding how MusicBrainz is developing for application developers
Adrian Woodhead confirmed person #2 confirmed person #3 tentative
Marco Oliveira Triworks (Megabox) tentative
Dan Simpson Sony DADC confirmed
Justin Barker Universal Music confirmed
Marco Belmonte 7 Digital confirmed
Willian Munn 7 Digital confirmed
Paul Shannon 7 Digital confirmed

Other orgs invited, but not attending: EMI, Guardian, Songkick


Room 108, BBC Henry Wood House, 3-6 Langham Place, London W1B 3DF

Directions to Henry Wood House

Coffees, teas etc will be available as we start, and lunch will be provided ~12.30pm.

Confirmation emails have been sent -- if you didn't receive a confirmation, please mail rob at musicbrainz dot org.


The agenda for the summit will be online in this Google doc.

  • 10:30 Sign in, settle in, introductions
  • 10:45 discuss agenda, prioritize topics
  • 11:00ish Start discussion agenda points
  • 12:30ish Lunch -- we can continue informal conversations over lunch.
  • 14:00 Continue on agenda points
  • 17:00 Informal networking and open discussion -- no agenda
  • 18:00 Adjourn to the Tower Tavern, continue open discussion, but *with* beer (and non-alcoholic drinks for sxe people!).

Suggested Topics

This summit is being held for the benefit of MusicBrainz users/customers and we're taking suggestions about what topics should be covered at the summit.

    • artist URL relationships in MusicBrainz
    • How does map to MBIDs?
    • Can<MBID> URL be safely used? Is it public and will it stay available?
      • It seems the artists always point to the MBID that are most recently updated, so currently the links are not stable
        • says it will become stable and able to resolve all artist/release MBIDs, with an ETA of around 3 months.
    • How often are new links pulled for artists (official homepage, myspace, etc.)? BBC does it (somehow) instantly...
      • BBC are just querying the ws directly now. It'll go back to an 1 hour delay once they go back to use replication.
      • don't pull them from us apparently
  • BBC
    • BBC Music strategy update
    • MusicBrainz community engagement
    • Is an API planned to get the list of reviews (to cross-link them from MB)?
    • Some reviews are not yet (or not anymore) linked to an MB release, is it planned to do this? Can MB editors help?
    • Educating the public/artists on distinction between BBC/MB areas of responsibility, and how to use MB
  • Classical summit and desired goals.
  • Works Data