MusicBrainz Summit / 20

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Considering 2020 is a very special year, and that we care about everyone's safety, Summit 20 is going to be held over internet, live from your living room.

The summit will be held during the weekend of October 3rd-4th

Virtual summit

We will be using Zoom for our sessions:

Zoom requires you to install software prior to the meeting, so please take some time ahead of the start of the summit to install the software and test your audio setup.

Live streaming

The sessions will additionally be live streamed on the MetaBrainz YouTube channel:


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Agenda topics

  • Meet and greet for the first hour each day?
  • State of MetaBrainz 30 min
  • State of MusicBrainz 30 min
  • State of ListenBrainz 30 min
  • State of BookBrainz 30 min
  • State of CritiqueBrainz (15 min?)
  • State of community (15 min?)
  • State of recommendation work (15 mins)
  • skribblio/Among Us (any span of time; game is free (ad supported) on mobile)
  • Breaks to relax in between some sessions
  • MB breaking session: The World after the Template Toolkit crisis (30 min?)
  • MB breaking session: Incremental improvements to ws/2 (30 min?)
  • MB breaking session: MB Search Server Improvements (Sir + Solr) (30 min?)
  • Something about Instruments
  • To be determined.

Schedule of Events

The sessions slots and times of the events are listed in this spreadsheet. We'll work out session topics and scheduling at the beginning of each day.