MusicBrainz Summit / 11

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MusicBrainz Summit 11 will happen in Rotterdam, Netherlands on October 15 - 17, 2011.

The main part of the summit will happen on October 15 and half of October 16. October 17 will focus on companies using or wishing to use the MusicBrainz data. Anyone is welcome to attend any portion of the summit, but October 15/16 will focus on general MusicBrainz topics and October 17 will focus on commercial aspects of MusicBrainz. Companies wishing to discuss how they use MusicBrainz should plan to attend on October 17.

Attendees should expect to arrive in Rotterdam in the afternoon/evening of October 14 and plan to depart in the afternoon/evening of October 16, unless you plan to stay for the October 17 portion of the summit as well.

Warp, Oliver and Rob will also be hacking on October 13/14. If you would like to hack with us, come join us. We'll be in Rotterdam starting on the 13th of October.

Session notes are now available.

Planned Attendees

if you're planning on attending put your name down below. Don't worry - doesn't have to be definite, but it's nice to have a rough idea :)

  • warp, lives in Rotterdam, NL (ask him if you have questions about anything dealing with the Netherlands :)

Arriving Thursday:

  • navap will be coming from Toronto, Canada. Arriving AMS 7:45am Oct 13.
  • ruaok, will be attending to perform master acts in cat herding. Arriving Rotterdam Centraal on Thursday at 13:01 on Thalys from Brussels.
  • Nikki will arrive at 13:40 on Thursday at Rotterdam Centraal
  • ocharles will be there, arriving flight WW1013 to AMS at 18:20
  • Adrian Woodhead, from will be arriving on Thursday and leaving on Tuesday.

Arriving Friday:

  • jdamcd will arrive from London to Rotterdam Centraal at 13:06 on Friday 14th
  • Mathias Kunter arriving at RTM airport on Friday at 15:45, leaving from RTM on Tuesday (didn't manage to get a flight on Monday)
  • djce is being sponsored to attend (thanks, BBC!), will be arriving at Rotterdam Centraal at 17:01 on Friday
  • reosarevok, unless something goes very wrong, will be meeting with CatCat and getting to R'dam late in the 14th
  • CatCat (strange guy) will land in Charleroi at about 16:15 and arrive via trains with reosarevok at about..
  • Wizzcat, will be arriving by way of Charleroi, presumably along with CatCat.
  • ijabz, coming Friday afternoon/evening flying Bristol to Amsterdam
  • Andrey Popp, from Zvooq in Moscow, Russia will be coming. Arriving AMS 10:45pm Oct 14.
  • micahsaul from Google/ will be attending from San Francisco. Arriving in AMS Friday morning, train to RC midafternoon.
  • Valerio Paolini will be attending from the 14 - 17th.

Arriving Saturday:

  • monedula will be there on saturday (from Utrecht NL)


Benthuizerstraat 60 | B, Apartment Fuchsia.

We've rented an apartment from October 13 - October 18. This will allow us to sleep 6 people (ruaok, ocharles, nikki, CatCat, reosarevok and navap) in the apartment (sadly only with 2 queen bed and a couch), but we have a kitchen and space for all of us to hang out and socialize for a long weekend.

When you arrive at the apartment, ring the bell for apartment B and we'll buzz you in. Be careful on the stairs, they are steep.

The apartment has a great internet connection; the WiFi password is posted over the flower photo above the table in the living room.


You'll need to be on this list if you're expecting MusicBrainz to take care of putting you up:

At Fuchsia

Fuchsia is full up, please don't make changes to this list:

Somewhere else (TBD)

We've got two rooms at the Hotel Hilton (they were having a sale!) for the following:

If you decide at the last minute to come and need a place to stay mail rob at musicbrainz snot borg ASAP.

Getting to Rotterdam

If you're flying to the Netherlands, make sure to fly only to Amsterdam Schiphol (AMS) -- from the airport you can take a train to Rotterdam Centraal, which only takes about 45 minutes. Flying directly to Rotterdam is quite expensive and will actually take longer than taking the train.

If you're planning to take Eurostar from the UK to Rotterdam, make sure to purchase two separate tickets. If you purchase one direct ticket via, you will pay much more than if you purchase tickets separately. Purchase your London <-> Brussels ticket from and your Brussels <-> Rotterdam ticket from . You will save nearly €400 in doing this.

Getting around in Rotterdam

To use public transport in Rotterdam you will have to get a so-called OV Chip Card. This is a contactless smart card, similar to the Oyster card in London. I recommend you buy an anonymous OV Chip Card at the airport or at Rotterdam Central Station when you arrive, this card will cost EUR 7.50. You will have to put some credit on it, EUR 10 is probably a good amount to start with if you're staying in Rotterdam for a few days.

Instead of an anonymous OV Chip Card you can also get a disposable card, you cannot put any new credit on these. These are probably not good value in many situations. Still, if you're only in Rotterdam for 1 day for example it might be more suitable, ask for more details on the exact offers when you arrive at the central station.

NOTE: When using the card, it is important to remember to check IN and OUT. EUR 4 is deducted from the card when you check in on the subway or a tram, this is the max amount a trip within Rotterdam can cost. When you check out the actual cost of your trip will be calculated, and whatever is left from those EUR 4 will be returned to your card.

The card will also work on proper trains, but will require a balance of EUR 20 on the card, so you're probably better off getting old style paper tickets for the train.

More info:

Emergency hot-line / contact info

Add the following phone number to your contacts NOW: +31 651 255 985 (kuno / warp).

If you get lost in Rotterdam or otherwise have trouble meeting up with the rest of us, call Kuno, he lives there, he should know what to do. Also, if you need to reach Rob, his number is +31 652 330897

Sponsors, MusixMatch, Grooveshark and Google have agreed to sponsor the summit!


October 13:

Hackathon -- hacking on various MusicBrainz stuffs. More details to be determined later.

October 14:

Daytime: Hackathon continued.

Evening: Dinner and drinks at the apartment. General socializing evening.

October 15:

General summit day, with focus on community. The exact schedule will be determined closer to the date and the actual agenda will be created at the beginning of the summit.

October 16:

General summit day, focus to be determined.

October 17:

Commercial use/customer centric day. Schedule to be determined at the beginning of the day.

Suggested topics

  • Cover art archive
  • New data quality system
  • New edit system
  • How to handle types of information
    • What to do with videos
        • Video mediums for releases with bundled videos?
    • How to handle recurring publishing, e.g. for podcast series or radio shows
    • Pseudo-releases
  • Linking to (and general ideas on how to link to other sites)
    • It was suggested to use<mbid> links to automatically link to
    • As it is now, the mapping is intransparent
    • Have Adrian tell us what is currently happening with MBIDs and how we should plan for the future.
  • Making the works list meaningful and useful
  • MB Twitter: is someone looking at what people ask? (note: it might be useful!)
  • Making it easier to add data , i.e similar to/extension of seeding a release
  • Acoustid and Echonest
  • Bulk loading of data from commercial sources (e.g., universal, EMI)
  • Concert support
  • Getting Relate to Works done (UI decisions)
  • Fuzzy dates: "he's dead, but I don't know when he died!"
    • Additionally, multiple date ranges. 5th & 7th of October != 5th-7th October. Very common with recording dates.
  • Add more!

Other topics for breakout sessions

  • Updating/structuring the wiki
  • BookBrainz
  • Cleanup(s) (of the Month?)
  • Formal feature testing before release
    •, and other topics for making new features easier test.

Topics that we can easily discuss online

And thus we shouldn't spend a lot of time on them during the summit.


Oliver and Rob are considering making food for the group. If you're a cook and are interested in making food, please let us know below:

  • Rob: Stew, curry, pancakes. Something.
  • Oliver: Burritos
  • CatCat: .no noms, .jp noms, random stuff, give me a recepie, taco, pizza