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Search Fields

The recording index contains the following fields you can search:

aridartist id
artistartist name is name(s) as it appears on the recording
artistnamean artist on the recording, each artist added as a separate field
creditnamename credit on the recording, each artist added as a separate field
commentrecording disambiguation comment
countryrecording release country
daterecording release date
durduration of track in milliseconds
formatrecording release format
isrcISRC of recording
numberfree text track number
positionthe medium that the recording should be found on, first medium is position 1
primarytypeprimary type of the release group (album, single, ep, other)
qdurquantized duration (duration / 2000)
recordingname of recording or a track associated with the recording
recordingaccentname of the recording with any accent characters retained
reidrelease id
releaserelease name
rgidrelease group id
ridrecording id
secondarytypesecondary type of the release group (audiobook, compilation, interview, live, remix soundtrack, spokenword)
statusRelease status (official, promotion, Bootleg, Pseudo-Release)
tidtrack id
tnumtrack number on medium
tracksnumber of tracks in the medium on release
tracksreleasenumber of tracks on release as a whole
tagfolksonomy tag
typetype of the release group, old type mapping for when we did not have separate primary and secondary types or use standalone for standalone recordings
videotrue to only show video tracks

Recording search terms with no fields search the recording field only