MusicBrainz API / Search / PlaceSearch

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Search Fields

The Place index contains the following fields you can search

address(part of) the physical address for this place
alias(part of) any alias attached to the place (diacritics are ignored)
area(part of) the name of the place's main associated area
beginthe place's begin date (e.g. "1980-01-22")
comment(part of) the place's disambiguation comment
endthe place's end date (e.g. "1980-01-22")
endeda boolean flag (true/false) indicating whether or not the place has ended (is closed)
latthe (WGS 84) latitude of the place's coordinates (e.g. "58.388226")
longthe (WGS 84) longitude of the place's coordinates (e.g. "26.702817")
place(part of) the place's name (diacritics are ignored)
placeaccent(part of) the place's name (with the specified diacritics)
pidthe place's MBID
typethe place's type

If you don't specify a field, the terms will be searched for in the address, alias, area and place fields.