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Tzadik, "Releasing the best in avant-guarde and experimental music"


  • Country: US
  • Active period: 1995-today
  • Production type: original
  • Label code: unknown
  • Founded by: John Zorn
  • Is/was a subsidiary of: -
  • Has/had subsidiaries: -

Current Status

  • Sold to: -
  • Top parent company: -
  • Distributed by: DIW?
  • Catalog reissued by: -

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Tzadik means "the righteous one".

Deduced positions from releases details:

  • Producer:
  • Musical Director:
  • Engineer:
  • Liner Notes:
  • Cover:
  • Studio:

The following series exist:

  • "New Japan"
  • "Composer Series"
  • "Lunatic Fringe"
  • "Radical Jewish Culture"
  • "Film Music"
  • "Archival Series"
  • "Oracle Series"
  • "Birthday Series"

Apparently release only cds

Partial Catalog

There should be around 400 releases.

John Zorn[[[Self:Album|Album]]: ]here

Oracle Series

Cat #ArtistReleaseOfficial page
7713Lesli DalabaTimelineshere

Archival Series

Cat #ArtistReleaseOfficial page
7301John ZornKristallnachthere
7302John ZornElegyhere
7303John ZornLocus Solushere
7304John ZornFirst Recordings 1973here
7305John ZornClassic Guide to Strategy, Vols 1 & 2here
7306John ZornFilmworks II: Music For an Untitled Film By Walter Hillhere
7307John ZornFilmworks V: Tears of Ecstasyhere
7308John ZornFilmworks VI 1996here
7309John ZornFilmworks III: 1990-1995here
7310John ZornFilmworks IVhere
7311John ZornNew Traditions In East Asian Bar Bandshere

Not backlinked yet:

7312-2Naked CityBlack Box: Torture Garden & Leng Tch'ehere
7314John Zorn[Filmworks I]here
7315John ZornFilmworks VII: Cynical Hysterie Hourhere
7316-7John ZornThe Parachute Years (7 cd set containing the items below)here
73161-2John ZornLacrosse [disc 1] & disc 2 (part of above)here
73162John Zorn[Hockey] (idem)here
73163John Zorn[Pool] (idem)here
73164-3John Zorn[Archery disc 1, disc 2, disc 3] (idem)here
7317-4PainkillerCollected Works = Execution Ground disc 1 & disc 2 & Collected Works disc 1 & disc 4here
7318John ZornFilmworks VIII 1997here
7319John ZornGanryu Islandhere
7320John ZornThe Bribehere
7321John ZornMusic for Childrenhere
7322-2MasadaLive in Jerusalem 1994 disc 1 & disc 2here
7323-2MasadaLive In Taipei 1995 disc 1 & disc 2here
7324John ZornGodard/Spillanehere

Not searched yet:

7325John ZornTaboo and Exilehere
7326MasadaLive In Middleheim 1999here
7327MasadaLive In Sevilla 2000here
7328John ZornThe Big Gundown - 15th Anniversary Special Editionhere
7329John ZornXu Fenghere
7330-2John ZornCartoon S/M [disc 1] & [disc 2]here
7331John ZornFilmworks IX: Trembling Before G-Dhere
7332John ZornThe Gifthere
7333John ZornFilmworks X: In The Mirror of Maya Derenhere
7334-2MasadaLive at Tonic 2001 disc 1 disc2here
7335John Zorn[Cobra]here
7336Naked CityNaked City Live vol. 1: Knitting Factory 1989here
7337Masada[First Live 1993]here
7338John ZornIAOhere
7339John ZornFilmworks XI: Under the Winghere
7340John ZornFilmworks XII: Three Documentarieshere
7341John ZornFilmworks XIII: Invitation To A Suicidehere
7343John ZornFilmworks XIV: Hiding and Seekinghere
7344-5Naked CityThe Complete Studio Recordingshere
7345John ZornFilmworks XV: Protocols Of Zionhere
7346-2MasadaSanhedrin disc 1 & disc 2here
7347John ZornFilmworks XVI: Workingman's Deathhere
7348Jamie Saft TrioAstaroth: Book of Angels Vol. 1 Jamie Saft Trio Plays Masada Book Twohere
7349The Cracow Klezmer Band[The Cracow Klezmer Band Plays John Zorn Sanatorium Under the Sign of the Hourglass: A Tribute to Bruno Schultz]here
7350John ZornFilmworks Anthology - 20 Years of Soundtrack Musichere
7351Masada String Trio[Azazel: Book Of Angels Vol. 2]here
7352-2Electric MasadaAt The Mountains Of Madness disc 1 disc 2here
7353John Zorn[Filmworks XVII]here
7354Mark Feldman and Sylvie Courvoisier[Malphas: Book Of Angels Vol. 3]here
7355John ZornFilmworks XVIIIhere
7356Koby Israelite[Orobas: Book Of Angels Vol. 4]here
7357John ZornMoonchildhere
7358The Cracow Klezmer BandBalan: Book of Angels Vol.5here
7359John ZornNot released yet! [Astronome]here