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  • Country: USA
  • Active period: Early 60s
  • Production type: original
  • Founded by: Bob Weinstock
  • Is/was a subsidiary of: Prestige

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More or less, just a Prestige collection name. Most stuff has also been reissued by Prestige itself later on.

Partial Catalog

12" LPs

2001Coleman Hawkins with the Red Garland Trio (Coleman Hawkins) 8/12/59
2002Tiny in Swingville (Tiny Grimes) 8/13/59
2003Tate's Date (Buddy Tate) 12/18/59
2004Callin' the Blues (Tiny Grimes) reissue of 7144
2005Coleman Hawkins All-Stars (Coleman Hawkins) 1/8/60
2006The Happy Jazz of Rex Stewart (Rex Stewart) see 7728
2007Buck Jumpin' (Al Casey) 3/7/60
2008Swingin' with Pee Wee (Pee Wee Russell) see 7672
2009Yes Indeed! (Claude Hopkins) 3/25/60
2010Rockin' in Rhythm (Swingville All-Stars 3/31/60
2011Jive at Five (Joe Newman) 5/4/60
2012The Bud Freeman All-Stars Featuring Shorty Baker (Bud Freeman, Shorty Baker) 5/13/60
2013Stasch (Prestige Blues Swingers) 2/5/59
2014Tate-A-Tate (Buddy Tate, Clark Terry) 10/18/60
2015Let's Swing (Budd Johnson) 12/2/60
2016Night Hawk (Coleman Hawkins, Eddie Lockjaw Davis) 12/30/60
2017Buck and Buddy (Buck Clayton, Buddy Tate) 12/20/60
2018Swing's the Thing (Al Sears) 11/29/60
2019Good 'n' Groovy (Joe Newman, Frank Foster) 3/17/61
2020Let's Jam (Claude Hopkins a.o.) 2/21/61
2021Shorty Doc (Shorty Baker, Doc Cheatham) 1/17/61
2022It's About Time (Jimmy Hamilton) 3/21/61
2023Blue Stompin' (Hal Singer a.o.) reissue of 7153
2024Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Coleman Hawkins a.o.) 4/14/61, 5/19/61
2025Years Ago (Coleman Hawkins a.o.) 4/14/61, 5/19/61
2026Uptown and Lowdown (Cliff Jackson's Washboard Wanderers, Dick Wellstood's Wallerites) 7/20/60, 7/27/61
2027Joe's Hap'nin's (Joe Newman) 5/9/61
2028Can't Help Swingin' (Jimmy Hamilton) 4/4/61
2029Groovin' with Buddy Tate (Buddy Tate) 2/17/61
2030Buck Buddy Blow the Blues (Buck Clayton, Buddy Tate) 9/15/61
2031At the Jazz Band Ball (Leonard Gaskin a.o.) 11/30/61
2032B.B.B. Co. (Benny Carter a.o.) 4/2/62
2033Darktown Strutter's Ball (Leonard Gaskin a.o.) 8/23/62
2034Mr. Allen (Henry Red Allen) see 7755
2035Blues Groove (Coleman Hawkins) reissue of 7138
2036For Basie (Paul Quinichette a.o.) reissue of 7127
2037Basie Reunion (Buck Clayton a.o.) reissue of 7147
2038Soul (Coleman Hawkins) reissue of 7149
2039Hawk Eyes (Coleman Hawkins) reissue of 7156
2040Dixieland Hits (Leonard Gaskin a.o.) 8/28/62
2041Swing Time! (Claude Hopkins, Budd Johnson, Vic Dickinson) 5/22/63
4001Things Ain't What They Used to Be (Swingville All-Stars) 2 LP set including 2024, 2025