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New Jazz


  • Country: USA
  • Active period: 1949, 1958 (?)
  • Production type: original/reissue
  • Founded by: Bob Weinstock

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Was the first name of Prestige, used only in 1949, and later revived for a short period of time.

Partial Catalog

SP series (10" 78 rpm)

800TERRY GIBBS - T and S/Terry's Blues
801THE ALL-STAR SEXTET - First Gear/Confirmation
802(yellow label) STAN GETZ - Four and One Moore/Five Brothers
802(red label) STAN GETZ - Four and One Moore/Five Brothers
803TERRY GIBBS - Cuddles - JAY JAY JOHNSON - Elysees
804TERRY GIBBS - Michelle (part 1 2)
805STAN GETZ - Long Island Sound/Mar-Cia
807LEE KONITZ - Marshmallow/Fishin' Around
808LENNIE TRISTANO - Subconscious Lee/Judy
809KAI WINDING - Sid's Bounce/A Night on Bop Mountain
810JAY JAY JOHNSON - Elysees - DON LANPHERE - Spider's Webb
811STAN GETZ - Speedway/Crazy Chords
813LEE KONITZ - Tautology/Sound Lee
814JAY JAY JOHNSON - Elora/Blue Mode
815HOWARD McGHEE - Crossroads/Dimitar
816KAI WlNDING - Broadway/Waterworks
817WARDELL GRAY - Twisted/Easy Living
818STAN GETZ - Battleground/Prezervation
819FATS NAVARRO - Wailing Wall/Infatuation
820JAY JAY JOHNSON - Afternoon in Paris/Teapot
821ARNE DOMNERUS - Body and Soul/I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm
822AL HAIG - Liza/Stars Fell on Alabama
823AL HAIG - Stairway to the Stars/Opus Caprice
824REINHOLD SVENSSON - Dinah/Once in a While
825CHUBBY JACKSON - Flying the Coop/I May Be Wrong
826REINHOLD SVENSSON - Sweet and Lovely/My Blue Heaven
827LEE KONITZ - You Go to My Head/Palo Alto
828WARDELL GRAY - Sweet Lorraine/Southside
829STAN GETZ - My Old Flame/The Lady in Red
830CHUBBY JACKSON - Sax Appeal/Leavin' Town
831ARNE DOMNERUS - Cool Boy/Stuffy
832LENNIE TRISTANO - Progression/Retrospection
833REINHOLD SVENSSON - On the Alamo/Always
836CHUBBY JACKSON - New York/Why Not
837ZOOT SIMS - Yellow Duck/Which Way
838TEDDY CHARLES - I'II Remember April/The Lady is a Tramp
839KENNY GRAHAM - Mango Walk/Pina Colada
840REINHOLD SVENSSON - Nevertheless/I Guess I'll Have to Dream
841LARS GULLIN - That's It/All Yours
842CHARLIE MARIANO - The Wizard/Autumn in New York
843LEE KONITZ - Ezz-thetic/Hi-Beck
853LEE KONITZ - Indian Summer/Odjenar
855LEE KONITZ - Duet for Saxophone and Guitar/Yesterdays
861GERRY MULLIGAN - Roundhouse/Ide's Side
864AL VEGA - Cheek to Cheek/Makin' Whoopee
865RED RODNEY - Smoke Gets in Your Eyes/Coogan's Bluff
867STAN GETZ - You Stepped out of a Dream/Intoit
1401STAN GETZ - Battle of the Saxes/Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams
80-01LENNIE TRISTANO - Subconscious Lee/Judy

EP series (7" 45 rpm)

1701Jimmy Raney Quartet (Jimmy Raney) 5/28/54 (7089)
1702Jimmy Raney Quartet (Jimmy Raney) 5/28/54 (7089)
1703Introducing Tony Luis Trio (Tony Luis) 1954-1955

NJLP series (10" LPs)

1101Jimmy Raney Quartet = Pr 201
1102Zoot Sims Quintet = Pr 202
1103Jimmy Raney Quintet = Pr 203
1104Phil Woods Quintet = Pr 204
1105Jon Eardley Quintet = Pr 205
1106Teddy Charles Quartet = Pr 206

New Jazz series (12" LPs)

8201Mal-3 / Sounds (Mal Waldron) 1/31/58
8202Roots (Idrees Sulieman a.o.) 10/25/57, 12/6/57
8203Farmer's Market (Art Farmer) 11/23/56
8204Bird Feathers (Phil Woods, Jackie McLean, Hal McKusick) 3/29/57, 5/3/57, 12/27/57
8205Midnight Oil (Jerome Richardson) 10/10/58
8206Reflections (Steve Lacy) 10/17/58
8207The New York Scene (George Wallington) reissue of Prestige 16-5
8208Mal-4 / Trio (Mal Waldron) 9/26/58
8209In a Minor Groove (Dorothy Ashby) 9/19/58
8210We Three (Roy Haynes, Phineas Newborn, Paul Chambers) 11/14/58
8211Just Wailin' (Herbie Mann) 2/14/58
8212McLean's Scene (Jackie McLean)12/14/56, 2/15/57
8213Alone with the Blues (Ray Bryant) 12/19/58
8214Long Island Sound (Stan Getz) reissue of Prestige 7002
8215Big Stuff (Gil Evans tentet) reissue of Prestige 7120
8216Coolin' (Idrees Sulieman a.o.) 4/14/57
8217The Cats (Idrees Sulieman a.o.) 4/18/57
8218Other Sounds (Yusef Lateef) 10/11/57
8219Taylor's Tenors (Art Taylor) 6/3/59
8220Groovin' with Golson (Benny Golson) 8/28/59
8221All Soul (Johnny Hammond Smith) 9/11/59
8222Modern Jazz Disciples (Curtis Peagler a.o.) 9/8/59
8223Winchester Special (Lem Winchester) 9/25/59
8224Meet Oliver Nelson (Oliver Nelson) 10/30/59
8225Quiet Kenny (Kenny Dorham) 11/13/59
8226Roamin' (Jerome Richardson) 10/21/59
8227Ray Bryant Trio (Ray Bryant) reissue of Prestige 7098
8228Ray Draper with John Coltrane (Ray Draper) 12/20/57
8229That Good Feeling (Johnny Hammond Smith) 11/4/59
8230Sayin' Something (Gigi Gryce) 3/11/60
8231Makin' the Changes (Jackie McLean) 2/15/57, 8/30/57
8232Jenkins, Jordan, and Timmons (John Jenkins) 7/26/57
8233Takin' Care of Business (Oliver Nelson) 3/22/60
8234Cry! Tender (Yusef Lateef) 10/16/59
8235Gone with Golson (Benny Golson) 6/20/59
8236Outward Bound (Eric Dolphy) 4/1/60
8237The New Scene of King Curtis (King Curtis) 4/21/60
8238Soulnik (Doug Watkins) 5/17/60
8239Lem's Beat (Lem Winchester) 4/19/60
8240Right Down Front (Curtis Peagler) 9/8/59, 5/24/60
8241Talk that Talk (Johnny Hammond Smith) 4/22/60
8242Impressions (Mal Waldron) 3/20/59
8243Screamin' the Blues (Oliver Nelson, Eric Dolphy)
8244Another Opus (Lem Winchester) 6/4/60
8245Just Us (Roy Haynes, Richard Wyands, Eddie DeHaas) 7/5/60
8246The Hap'nins (Gigi Gryce) 5/3/60
8247Looking Ahead (Ken McIntyre, Eric Dolphy) 6/28/60
8248Gettin' with It (Benny Golson) 12/23/59
8249Testifying (Larry Young) 8/2/60
8250Forrest Fire (Jimmy Forrest) 8/9/60
8251Caribe (Latin Jazz Quintet, Eric Dolphy) 8/19/60
8252Out There (Eric Dolphy) 8/15/60
8253A Long Drink of the Blues (Jackie McLean) 2/15/57, 8/30/57
8254This is Walt Dickerson (Walt Dickerson) 3/7/61
8255Straight Ahead (Oliver Nelson/Eric Dolphy) 3/1/61
8256Here's Jaki (Jaki Byard, Ron Carter, Roy Haynes) 3/14/61
8257New Ideas (Don Ellis) 5/11/61
8258Early Art (Art Farmer) reissue of Prestige 7665
8259Stone Blues (Ken McIntyre) 5/31/60
8260Eric Dolphy at the Five Spot, v. 1 (Eric Dolphy) 7/16/61
8261The Sounds of Yusef (Yusef Lateef) reissue of Prestige 7122
8262The Rat Race Blues (Gigi Gryce) 6/9/60
8263Lights Out (Jackie McLean) reissue of Prestige 7035
8264Young Blues (Larry Young) 9/30/60
8265Where? (Ron Carter, Eric Dolphy) 6/20/61
8266The Music of Ahmed Abdul-Malik (Ahmed Abdul-Malik) 5/23/61
8267Pleasure Bent (Roland Alexander) 6/17/61
8268A Sense of Direction (Walt Dickerson) 5/5/61
8269The Quest (Mal Waldron, Eric Dolphy) 6/27/61
8270Far Cry (Eric Dolphy) 12/21/60
8271Evidence (Steve Lacy, Don Cherry) 11/14/61
8272Into Something (Yusef Lateef) 12/29/61
8273Hi Fly (Jaki Byard, Ron Carter, Pete LaRoca) 1/30/62
8274Asia Minor (Dizzy Reece) 3/13/62
8275Relativity (Walt Dickerson) 1/16/62
8276Kenny Burrell with John Coltrane (Kenny Burrell, John Coltrane) 3/7/58
8277Curtis Fuller with Red Garland (Curtis Fuller, Red Garland) 5/14/57
8278Work of Art (Art Farmer) reissue of Prestige 7031
82794, 5 and 6 (Jackie McLean) reissue of Prestige 7048
8280Good Old Zoot (Zoot Sims) 7/16/54; see NJ 1102
8281Bossa Nova Carnival (Dave Pike) 9/6/62, 9/7/62
8282Sounds of Africa (Ahmed Abdul-Malik) 5/23/61, 8/22/62
8283To My Queen (Walt Dickerson) 9/21/62
8284Limbo Carnival (Dave Pike) 12/12/62
8285Pony Poindexter Plays the Big Ones (Pony Poindexter) 1/31/63
8286Cracklin' (Roy Haynes, Booker Ervin) 4/10/63
8287Cymbalism (Roy Haynes) 9/10/63
8288Look Out! (Johnny Hammond Smith) 1/22/62
8289Evening in Casablanca (Art Farmer) reissue of Prestige 7017
8290Steeplechase (Jackie McLean) reissue of Prestige 7068
8291Pot Pie (Phil Woods) 10/12/54, 2/4/55
8292Jazz Soul of Cleopatra (various) 5/31/57, 10/11/57, 5/23/61, 3/13/62
8293Soul Street (Jimmy Forrest a.o.) 9/9/60, 9/1/61, 10/19/61, 6/1/62
8294Revelation (Bob Brookmeyer) reissue of Prestige 7066
8295Ezz-thetic (Lee Konitz, Miles Davis, Teddy Charles, Jimmy Raney) 3/8/51, 12/23/52
8296Trumpet Giants (Fats Navarro, Dizzy Gillespie, Miles Davis) 9/20/49, 9/16/50, 10/5/51
8297*Gumbo (Pony Poindexter) 6/27/63; = Prestige 16001
8298*Eastern Moods (Ahmed Abdul-Malik) 6/13/63; = Prestige 16003
8299*Shooting High (Gildo Mahones a.o.) 2/4/63, 8/15/63, 9/3/63; = Prestige 16004
8300*Dameronia (Tadd Dameron) reissue of Prestige 7037 = Prestige 16007
8301*Clifford Brown Memorial reissue of Prestige 7055 = Prestige 16008
8302*Trotting (Zoot Sims) reissue of Prestige 7026 = Prestige 16009
8303Spellbound (Ahmed Abdul-Malik) 3/12/64
8304Sugan (Red Garland, Phil Woods)
8305Curtis Fuller Hampton Hawes French Horns
8306Broadway (Gerry Mulligan a.o.)
8307Movin' (Hampton Hawes, Freddie Redd) reissue of Prestige 7067
8308Soprano Today (Steve Lacy, Wynton Kelly) reissue of Prestige 7125
8309Koo Koo (Zoot Sims, Phil Woods) reissue of Prestige 7033
8310Touche (Frank Wess, Thad Jones) reissue of Prestige 7084
831152nd Street Theme (Hank Mobley) reissue of Prestige 7061
8312Alto Madness! (Jackie McLean) reissue of Prestige 7114
8313Live at Town Hall (Billy Taylor) reissue of Prestige 7093
8314Little Darlin' (Red Garland)
8315My Fair Lady (Sonny Rollins a.o.)
8316The Dealers (Mal Waldron)
8317Donald Byrd, Hank Mobley, and Kenny Burrell
8318Guitar Soul (Kenny Burrell/Barry Galbraith)
8319Lusty Moods (various) reissue of Moodsville 37
8320Clea Bradford with Clark Terry (Clea Bradford) reissue of Tru-Sound 15005
8321Latin Soul (Latin Jazz Quintet)
8322The Last Amen (John Wright)
8323Jackie McLean and Co. (Jackie McLean) reissue of Prestige 7087
8324Screamin' the Blues (Oliver Nelson/Eric Dolphy) reissue of New Jazz 8243
8325High Pressure (Red Garland, John Coltrane) reissue of Prestige 7209
8326Live (Red Garland)
8327Wheelin' and Dealin' (John Coltrane, Frank Wess) reissue of Prestige 7131