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I need help editing MusicBrainz

I'm a new editor. What do I need to know to get started?

You'll probably want to be familiar with MusicBrainz's mission and Code of Conduct first. There's a lot of information (some, alas, out of date) in the documentation. There's also an editing FAQ. If in doubt, ask. There are lots of editors willing to help.

English is not my native language. Can I get help in another language?

Currently, it is not possible to search for editors by language.

Until that feature is implemented, you can ask in IRC or the forums. Some editors also list their language(s) in the wiki.

I'm looking for a relevant Style Guideline

The first thing to try is searching the style guidelines.

You can also find proposed guidelines (and related discussions) in the bug tracker.

I have a question about a specific edit

If you have a question about somebody else's edit, the best place to ask is in an edit note.

I have a specific editing question or need a second opinion

If the docs don't answer your question, maybe a real person can. The best options for contacting a real person are IRC or the forums.

What do I do if...

I think I found a bug

You can report bugs using the bug tracker.

I think I found a problem in the documentation

You can report problems with the documentation using the bug tracker. There are specific sections for style guidelines and documentation.

If it's a minor problem (e.g. a typo), you can edit the wiki directly.

I'm having a problem with a specific editor

As it says in MusicBrainz Principles, "seek mediators".

You can find people willing to help in IRC or the forums.

If you want to report a Code of Conduct violation, you can contact

If you'd like to discuss your problem as discreetly as possible (e.g. your problem is with a core MusicBrainz team member), you can contact our Community Manager directly at

I have a question about Picard

Official Picard documentation is at

As with other topics, you can usually find help in IRC or the forums.