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Userscripts run in a users web browser and make on-the-fly local changes to specific web pages. In MusicBrainz they are generally used to change the display of pages, facilitating editing.

These scripts and tools are user-made, and are not officially supported by MetaBrainz.

Standalone resources

For standalone/non-script tools and resources see External Resources.

Userscript manager

To run userscripts, you need to install an in-browser userscript manager, and then install the script.

Chrome/Chromium can run userscripts without installing a userscript manager extension, however many userscripts will not work properly. It is recommended that you install a userscript manager.

Userscript manager browser compatibility and status
Chrome /
Chromium /
EdgeFirefoxMaxthonOperaSafari Open Source Data Collection*
Userscripts Safari

*Whether their privacy policy indicates that they collect user data, or not.

Thanks to Colbydray for starting the following script list.

Userscripts: Importers

These scripts import (seed) releases, events, or other entities from other websites or databases into the MusicBrainz editor.

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
Import Bandcamp releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Bandcamp/album pages to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Bandcampmurdos UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Beatport releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Beatport/release pages to add a new release on MusicBrainz. BeatportVxJasonxV UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Deezer releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Deezer to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Deezeratj UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Discogs releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Discogs to add a new release on MusicBrainz.

Adds links to matching MusicBrainz entities for various Discogs entities (artist, release, master, label).

Discogsmurdos UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Free Music Archive releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Free Music Archive to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Free Music Archivemadmouser1 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Encyclopedisque releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Encyclopedisque to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Encyclopedisquemurdos UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Hyperion/Helios releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Hyperion/Helios to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Hyperionloujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Idiago releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Idiago to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Idiagoloujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import iTunes releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from iTunes to add a new release on MusicBrainz. iTunes dufferzafar/


Import Juno Download releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Juno Downloadzas UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Loot releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Lootmadmouser1 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Metal Archives releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Metal Archives to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Metal Archivesl-maxime UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Music Forest releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Music Forest to add a new release on MusicBrainz. minc.or.jpy-young UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Naxos releases into MusicBrainz Import album data from Naxos Music Library to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Naxosloujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Netease releases to MusicBrainz Adds a button to import or find NetEase releases in MusicBrainz music.163garylaski UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Qobuz releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Qobuz to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Qobuzzas UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Soundcloud releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Soundcloud to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Soundcloudgarylaski UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Supraphonline releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Supraphonline to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Supraphonlinescarlett-blake UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A
Import T-Series releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from T-Series to add a new release on MusicBrainz. T-Seriesdufferzafar UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Takealot releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from Takealot to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Takealotmadmouser1 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import THBWiki releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from THBWiki to add a new release on MusicBrainz. THBWikiy-young UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import VGMdb releases to MusicBrainz Import album data from VGMdb to add a new release on MusicBrainz. VGMdbaugustjanse UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import videos from YouTube YouTubeFreso UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import videos from Vimeo Vimeonikki UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
JASRAC. work importer/editor into MusicBrainz + MB-JASRAC-音楽の森-NexTone links + MB back search links One click imports JASRAC works into MusicBrainz (name, iswc, type, credits, edit note, sort name, search hint) and マス歌詞®(mass-lyrics) and wikipedia links. It will do the same magic in work editor. Work links to both JASRAC and 音楽の森 / ongakunomori / music forest / minc / magic db and back to MB. JASRAC jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Amazon releases to MusicBrainz broken? Import album data from Amazon to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Amazon Goram UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
broken dufferzafar UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import events from Facebook broken Facebook opatel99 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A
Import Internet Archive releases to MusicBrainz broken Import album data from the Internet Archive to add a new release on MusicBrainz. Internet ArchiveJensBee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A
Edition lookup by CD TOC [on Gazelle torrent trackers] In (some?) Gazelle torrent trackers, look up CD TOC's in MusicBrainz, GnuDb and in CUETools DB. Has features for attaching the TOC to a MusicBrainz release, and creating a new MusicBrainz release based on the TOC. Gazelle sites/trackers Anakunda UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Userscripts: Misc

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
Add a-tisket button to Deezer Adds a button to Deezer interface to load the current release into a-tisket. Deezeratj UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Add a link to MusicBrainz to import ISRCs Adds an "import ISRCs" link on MusicBrainz releases which have a Spotify URL. atj UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Add release(group) links from level above Add release(group) links from an artist, label or series page. Compatible with expand/collapse release groups script. RandomMushroom128 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
ALL LINKS Customisable quick links/searches, including web search,, Discogs, lyrics, social media, streaming services, etc. Shows begin/end dates on URLs, and a edit link. Expands Wikidata links into Wikipedia articles. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
ALL RELEASE GROUPS It will always display full artist discographies (including non official release groups) by default. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
ame Adds release buttons for multi-source cover art search. Enhanced search with direct ISRC, cat. no and barcode, and drag-drop log file search and attachment on release pages. Auto select search on page load. SuperSaltyGamer UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Apple Music Barcodes/ISRCs Reads barcodes, ISRCs, and other metadata from Apple Music releases. Click the green square in the upper-left corner to display album metadata. Apple MusicToadKing UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Artist Credits Helper Split and fill artist credits, append character voice actor credit, and guess artists from track titles. y-young UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Auto-Focus + Keyboard-Select Mouse-less editing - focuses fields in various musicbrainz edit pages, allows keyboard selection of relationship types as well as some release editor keyboard navigation performance features. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Bandcamp Tag Importer Easily submit tags on Bandcamp pages to Musicbrainz. Bandcampzabe UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Colourful rainbow edit headers Changes the background colour of the edit header, depending on the type of edit. By default: add is green, edit is yellow, remove is pink, merge is purple and all others are blue. If you want to change the colours, they're set at the top of the script. stars UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A
Cool Entity Links In some pages like edits, blog, forums, chatlogs, tickets, annotations, etc. it will prefix entity links with an icon, shorten and embelish all sorts of MB links (cdtoc, entities, tickets, bugs, edits, etc.). jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Create entity or fill data from wikipedia / wikidata / VIAF / ISNI Create entity or fill data from wikipedia / wikidata / VIAF / ISNI. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Disable browser autofill on the tags field Disables browser autofill functionality on the tags input field. atj UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Disable the tags field genre autocompletion Disables the tags input field genre autocompletion functionality. atj UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Elephant Editor Remember last edit notes and dates. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Expand/collapse release groups See what's inside a release group without having to follow its URL. Adds convenient edit links. bitmap UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Fast cancel edits Makes it easier to cancel a large amount of edits on a page. Don't use if you're prone to clicking anything by mistake. bitmap UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Guess Unicode Punctuation Replaces ASCII punctuation symbols by their preferred Unicode counterparts via a “Guess punctuation” button. kellnerd UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Import Bandcamp releases to MusicBrainz Album Link Helper Add a link to Bandcamp's album canonical URL on pages without /album/, to import the release into MusicBrainz. Bandcampzas UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
INLINE STUFF release page: Inline recording names, comments, ISRC, PUID and AcoustID. Highlights duplicates in releases and edits. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Magic Tagger Button Detects whether Picard is running and will auto-enable the tagger buttons if so. phw UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Make columns sortable Make table columns sortable. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MB Auto-retry on upload to CAA error Auto reupload failed cover art images on server errors till all succeed. Anakunda UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MB Release Seeding Helper Give better clues on reusing of existing releases/recordings for new release. Anakunda UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MERGE HELPOR 2 Merge helper highlights last clicked, shows info, indicates oldest MBID, manages (remove) entity merge list; merge queue (clear before add) tool; don’t reload page for nothing when nothing is checked. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MusicBrainz CTDB Links Add links to CTDB disc IDs on MusicBrainz CDTOC pages. CUETools DBToadKing UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MusicBrainz Date Helper Userscript which assists in copy and pasting dates in MusicBrainz. Levi_OP UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Musicbrainz Entity Images Display images on Musicbrainz for artists, labels, places, and events. zabey UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MusicBrainz Relationship batch selector Input track ranges to automatically select them in the relationships editor ToadKing UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Musicbrainz UI enhancements Various UI enhancements for Musicbrainz. murdos UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Move track relationships to the release-level Allows mass-moving incorrect recording- and work-level relationships to the release-level in the release relationship editor. bitmap UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Paste multiple external links at once Paste multiple external links at once into the external link editor. Input is split on whitespace (newlines, tabs, spaces, etc.) and fed into the link editor separately. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Plain Text Tracklist Get a quick copy of the tracklists in plain text (several formats) for quick re-use (in track parser, EAC, foobar2000 or mp3tag for instance). jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Preferred MusicBrainz Server Choose your favourite MusicBrainz server (main or beta) and no link will ever send you to the other. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
REDIRECT WHEN UNIQUE RESULT Redirect when only 1 result and-or unique 100% scored result. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Revive Deleted Editors Reveal deleted editors’ names and emphasizes your own name to standout in MB pages. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Semi-automate adding "remixer" and "remix of" credits Adds links to the relationship editor that semi-automate adding "remixer" and "remix-of" credits to recordings. atj UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Shortcuts to external links Display clickable icons, without opening each entity page, for release-group, release, recording and work external links: e.g. Amazon, Bandcamp, Discogs etc. murdos UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Show Bandcamp publish date Shows Bandcamp releases' real "publish date" below the listed date. Also shows "date modified", if different. Bandcampw-biggs UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A
Show alias count Show alias number on work/artist pages. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
SUPER MIND CONTROL Ⅱ X TURBO Musicbrainz Power-Ups ( too): RELEASE_CLONER. copy/paste releases / DOUBLE_CLICK_SUBMIT / CONTROL_ENTER_SUBMIT / RELEASE_EDITOR_PROTECTOR. prevent accidental cancel by better tab key navigation / TRACKLIST_TOOLS. search→replace, track length parser, remove recording relationships, set selected works date / LAST_SEEN_EDIT. handy for subscribed entities / COOL_SEARCH_LINKS / COPY_TOC / ROW_HIGHLIGHTER / SPOT_CAA / SPOT_AC / RECORDING_LENGTH_COLUMN / RELEASE_EVENT_COLUMN / WARN_NEW_WINDOW / SERVER_SWITCH / TAG_TOOLS / USER_STATS / MAX_RECENT_ENTITIES / CHECK_ALL_SUBSCRIPTIONS / EASY_DATE. paste full dates in one go / STATIC_MENU / MERGE_USER_MENUS / SLOW_DOWN_RETRY / CENTER_FLAGS / RATINGS_ON_TOP / HIDE_RATINGS / UNLINK_ENTITY_HEADER / MARK_PENDING_EDIT_MEDIUMS. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Unicode characters Ctrl+M on Musicbrainz input text or textarea controls shows context menu for unicode characters. Just click on the menu line to send the character or close. Smeulf UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Voice Actor Credits Parses voice actor credits from text and automates the process of creating release relationships for these. Also imports credits from Discogs. kellnerd UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Youtube Link Canonicalizer Correct youtube @username artist link relationships to channel IDs. YouTubezabey UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Musicbrainz DiscIds Detector broken? Generate MusicBrainz DiscIds from online EAC logs, and check existence in MusicBrainz database. murdos UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A
Paste-A-Date! broken Adds a field after the existing date fields where you can paste a date and it will try to parse it. nikki UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A

Userscripts: Works

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
Batch-add "performance of" relationships Batch link recordings to works from the artist Recordings page. bitmap UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Bulk copy-paste work codes Quickly copy-paste work identifiers (ISWC, agency work codes) from CISAC's ISWCNet into a MusicBrainz work. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Guess related works Set best-guess related works. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Set work attributes Set work attributes from the composer page. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Show missing works Show missing works on an artist page. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Validate Work Codes Validate work attributes on various MB pages. Highlights invalid (red) or ill-formatted (yellow) work codes. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Userscripts: Recordings

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
Batch-add "performance of" relationships Batch link recordings to works from the artist Recordings page. bitmap UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Clone recording relations onto other recordings MusicBrainz relation editor: Clone recording relations onto other recordings. Can also clone release relationships between releases. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Inline all recording's tracks on releases Display all tracks and releases on which a recording appears from the release page. Makes it easier to check whether live or DJ-mix recordings are wrongly linked to other tracks. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Inline Track Artist Highlights track title, length and artist differences in recording page. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Mark recordings as video Mark selected recordings as video. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Mass Merge Recordings Merges selected or all recordings from release A to release B. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Propagate recording dates Batch-propagate recording dates. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Replace recording artist from recording AR Replace associated recording artist from an Artist or Work page. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Replace recording artist from recording AR (On release pages) Replace associated recording artist from a Release page. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Replace recording artist from recording AR (On work pages) Replace associated recording artist from an Artist or Work page. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Seed the batch recording comments script Seed the recording comments for the batch recording comments userscripts with live and DJ-mix data. Can save a bunch of keystrokes when setting live or DJ-mix disambiguation comments. DJ-mix comments are derived from the release title. Live comments are derived from "recorded at place", "recorded in area", and "recording of work" advanced relationships. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Select All Update Recordings Add buttons to release editor to select all "Update recordings" checkboxes. Differs from the built-in "Select All" checkboxes in that it doesn't lock the checkboxes to a given state, enabling you to deselect some checkboxes. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Set recording attributes Set attributes (live, partial) on selected recordings. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Set recording comments for a release Batch set recording comments from a Release page. bitmap UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Set performer instrument Convert to "string" instrument AR on selected recordings. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Spot Duplicate Recordings Spot recordings that are linked multiple times to the same work. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Transform release AR into recording AR Move performer AR on release to recordings AR. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Userscripts: Voting

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
Blind Votes Blinds editor and voter details before your votes are cast. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Power Vote Adds buttons to check all unvoted edits (Yes/No/Abs/None) at once in the edit search page. You can also collapse/expand (all) edits for clarity. A handy reset votes button is also available + Double click radio to vote single edit + range click with shift to vote a series of edits. Hidden (collapsed) edits will never be voted (even if range click or shift+click force vote). jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Userscripts: Cover art

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
1200px CAA Use 1200px images for the pop‐up/previews, instead of loading huge images (also adds 1200px 'thumbnail' links). Freso UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Enhanced Cover Art Uploads Enhance the cover art uploader (integrates Image Max URL). ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
CAA Links (Cover Art Archive Links) Linkifies cover art edit “Filenames” (as specified in jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Display CAA image dimensions Loads and displays the image dimensions of images in the cover art archive. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Funkey Illustrated Records CAA front cover art archive pictures/images (release groups and releases). Big illustrated discography and/or inline. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Image Max URL Finds larger or original versions of images and videos for 7,500+ websites, including a powerful media popup feature. Various qsniyg UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Stig's Art Grabr Grab high resolution album cover-art from various sites. Various StigNygaard UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Supercharged Cover Art Edits Supercharges reviewing cover art edits. Displays release information on CAA edits. Enables image comparisons on removed and added images. ROpdebee UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Userscripts: AcoustID/AcousticBrainz

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
AcousticBrainz links Display AcousticBrainz links in release pages. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A
Batch Query AcoustID Batch query AcoustID of recordings on release and collection page. yyoung UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Compare AcoustIDs easier Displays AcoustID fingerprints in more places at MusicBrainz. otringal UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Show acoustID and AcousticBrainz link Show acoustids on a Work page. loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Show statistics from AcousticBrainz loujine UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Userscripts: Collections

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
Batch Add to Collection Batch add entities to MusicBrainz collection and copy MBIDs from entity pages, search result or existing collections. y-young UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Collection Highlighter Highlights releases, release-groups, etc. that you have in your collections (anyone’s collection can be loaded) everywhere. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Hyper Moulinette Mass PUT or DELETE releases in a collection from an edit search or an other collection. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
Print All Pages Print your complete collections to make your shopping lists or check lists. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Userscripts: ListenBrainz

Name Status Info Site Author DL Src Bug
Search unlinked listen in MusicBrainz Adds MusicBrainz search links for artist and title of unmapped listens. Rokoucha UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgN/A

Writing userscripts

If you want to write your own userscript for MusicBrainz (or other websites), you can learn a lot from existing examples and the documentation of the userscript extensions:

You can use Kellnerd's userscript-bundler as a starting point for a semi-automated setup to build userscripts from JavaScript modules.

Further resources

Stylus themes

Themes change how webpages look, for instance changing colours, or moving buttons and text. Themes can make very small changes, or change a page completely.

To use themes you have to install Stylus or a similar browser extension.

Name Info Author DL Src Bug
MetaBrainz All Projects Dark A dark theme for MetaBrainz project sites. beckfield UserscriptList-Install.svgN/A UserscriptList-Bug.svg
MetaBrainz Discourse Expand Abbreviations Shows abbreviation/acronym definitions by touch on mobile (or mouse hover if you use it on PC). jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MusicBrainz Dark Dark theme for the MusicBrainz website (including editing interfaces) and wiki. There is also a companion with additional style fixes for some popular userscripts. kellnerd UserscriptList-Install.svgN/A UserscriptList-Bug.svg
MusicBrainz Hide ListenBrainz Player Hide the big sidebar “Play on ListenBrainz” button. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg
MusicBrainz Nord Dark A dark theme for MusicBrainz, based on the Nord palette. shard UserscriptList-Install.svgN/A N/A
MusicBrainz Wiki Mobile Narrow Layout Fix Only for mobile: Fix the Monobook skin half-screen narrow display OTHER-401 bug of MB wiki. jesus2099 UserscriptList-Install.svgUserscriptList-Source.svgUserscriptList-Bug.svg

Relevant video:


A number of popular userscripts for MusicBrainz no longer work on Firefox 57+ and Greasemonkey 4+. See Greasemonkey#GreaseMonkey 4 incompatibility. Use Violentmonkey or Tampermonkey on Firefox instead.