Google Code-in / Wiki Editing

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Who can edit the wiki?

Anybody with an account. Wikis are by nature collaborative.

How do I submit wiki-related tasks?

For the purposes of GCi tasks, do not directly edit the MusicBrainz documentation pages (because more than one student may be working on the same task). You should create a task sub-page under your user page.

To do this, navigate to the following URL:{your_username}/{sub-page_name}, using (of course) your user-name and a descriptive page name. If the page doesn't exist yet, choose "edit this page" to create it.

If the task is to improve an existing wiki page, you can copy that page and paste it into your newly-created task page.

  • navigate to the page you want to improve
  • click the "edit" tab
  • select the Wikitext and copy/paste it into your newly-created page
  • click "save" before you begin editing it, so that the original page is saved in the edit history

Is there documentation on how to edit the wiki?


The MusicBrainz wiki runs on the MediaWiki platform. You can find documentation at mediawiki help.

What are the elements of a good wiki page?

Lots has been written about this at the Wikipedia 'Help' directory and elsewhere.

More briefly, a useful wiki page will generally have the following elements:

  • A clear, descriptive title
  • A brief introduction explaining what the page is about
  • Structure, using headers
    A table-of-contents will be generated automatically using the headers
  • Lots of intertwingly links! Internal links (i.e. linking to other relevant pages within the wiki) are possibly the most important part of a wiki page.
    Use internal links, not external links to pages. Internal wiki links will be translated to /doc/ links as part of the WikiDocs process.