External Resources

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This page lists tools external to MusicBrainz that make editing or viewing data more convenient. This includes programs, scripts, reports, etc from various sources.

Editing tools

User scripts / GreaseMonkey / User javascripts / UserJS

Userscripts run in a users web browser and make on-the-fly local changes to specific web pages. In MusicBrainz they are generally used to change the display of pages, often facilitating editing.

For instance, a script may add functionalities to a MusicBrainz page, or shorten repetitive actions to only one click, and so on.


  • Bandcamp, Beatport, and Local File Parsers: Parsers to be run at the command line passing in either a URL (Bandcamp release, or Beatport release), or a directory with a set of files. Require at Perl v5.10 or newer, and a differing set of Perl Modules based off the particular service. Local file parsers are format specific.
  • vgmdb2mb.py: Python script to import VGMDB to MusicBrainz

External sites

  • Atisket: Imports releases from a Deezer/Spotify/iTunes album url, packaging useful tools into the process, such as ISRC and cover art addition
  • yambs: Imports standalone recordings, releases, artists, labels, works, and events from user-supplied text files and from Bandcamp/Qobuz/Tidal pages. The command-line version at codeberg.org/derat/yambs can also extract data from local MP3 files.
  • eac-log-lookup: Generate and submit DiscID's from EAC/XLD log
  • Image Max URL: Finds biggest available image from a image URL (also included in 'Enhanced Cover Art Uploads' userscript functionality)
  • Albunack: Displays artist discographies that combine MusicBrainz and Discogs entries. Provides shortcuts for quickly linking MB entities to Discogs, and importing Discogs releases. Also provides a number of custom reports.
  • COV - Cover Search Engine: Searches multiple sources for cover art, with options for region and minimum resolution.
  • Xythium/TIDAL: Quick and compact search for Tidal releases, compact display of artwork, barcodes, ISRC's, etc.
  • ISRCHunt: Checks if ISRC's from a Spotify Playlist exist in MB, supplies an Atisket link.
  • Multiple ISRC submission sites


Other online databases

See Other Databases.

Access MusicBrainz using external APIs

See MusicBrainz API libraries