Copyright Violation Notice

MusicBrainz aims to stay within the boundaries of US copyright laws. But it is possible for members of the MusicBrainz community with good intentions to run afoul of the law and inadvertently violate someone's copyright.

If this has happened to you, please notify us of the violation, and we will quickly look into the issue. Please provide us the following information:

  • The page on MusicBrainz that violates your copyright. You must provide a URL.
  • If MusicBrainz links to content not on the server, please provide the link to the content.
  • Proof that you are the copyright holder or have the right to represent the copyright holder of the said content.

Please mail the information above to, and we will address this issue as quickly as we can. Please note that MusicBrainz provides data about recordings, not the music itself. If you find your music listed in MusicBrainz it does not mean that we have access to or provide access to the music files themselves.

If you still believe that you've found a copyright issue on MusicBrainz, you must provide a link to where the offending material can be downloaded. If you cannot provide such a link, we cannot act on your request.

Note Note: The Cover Art Archive is a separate project. If you have any questions or issues regarding the images in it, please send an email to