Communication / Mailing Lists

Status: This Page is Glorious History!

The MusicBrainz mailing lists are dead. Information about the lists and their archives below:

Main Mailing Lists

The main mailing lists are the most active of the mailing lists and are where most discussion takes place.

Users' Mailing List

The users' mailing list is for general discussion about MusicBrainz for all users, including questions about the exact interpretation of the style guidelines. If you're unsure which list to post to, use this one. An alternative to the users' mailing list is the forums.

Archives: Local · GMANE · Nabble

Style Mailing List

The style mailing list is used for discussion about general style issues and the style guidelines, including proposals for new guidelines and changes to existing ones. This list isn't intended for questions about how to apply the style guidelines to specific cases, the users mailing list or the forums are better places to ask such questions.

Archives: Local · GMANE · Nabble

Developers' Mailing List

The developers' mailing list is a technical list is used for discussion about the development of MusicBrainz and use of the MusicBrainz programming libraries. Reminders about the weekly dev chat used to be sent here Sunday night/Monday morning.

Archives: Local · GMANE · Nabble

Other Mailing Lists

These other mailing lists are generally very low traffic, unless otherwise stated. These are used for more specific topics than the above lists.

Auto-Editors Mailing List

This list allows auto-editors to discuss things separately from the users mailing list. This list is read-only for non-auto-editors. Subscription to this list is mandatory for all auto-editors. The status of the auto-editor elections are also posted to this list.

Archives: Local · Nabble

Internationalization Mailing List

This list is used to discuss multilingual aspects of MusicBrainz, such as internationalization.

Archives: Local · GMANE · Nabble

Data-Feed Mailing List

This is a read-only list for announcements relating to the MusicBrainz live data feed. Changes and possible disruptions to the live data feed will be announced here.

Archives: Local · Nabble

Bugs Mailing List

This list is a read-only automated notification of changes in our bug tracking system. This list is quite high traffic as an email is sent to this list whenever someone enters or changes a bug.

Archives: Local · Nabble

Commits Mailing List

This list is a read-only automated notification of code commits. This list is quite high traffic as an email is sent to this list whenever someone checks in code into Git, Subversion or the main Bazaar repository for Picard.

Archives: Local · GMANE · Nabble

Italian Mailing List

The Italian mailing list is used for discussion about Italian artists and releases, usually in Italian. It has been inactive since 2012.

Archives: Local · GMANE

Obsolete lists

Announcements Mailing List

This old mailing list was used to announce things about MusicBrainz. We've deactivated this list in favor or our twitter feed or our blog. The archives for this list are still available:

Playlist Mailing List

The playlist mailing list was used for discussion about creating a new playlist format that is open and portable. It was not directly related to MusicBrainz, merely hosted here. It is now located at

Experts Mailing List

This list existed from 2005-2007, and is no longer archived locally.

Alternate Access via Nabble

If you prefer forum-like interfaces, you may prefer to access the mailing lists via Nabble. As well as reading the mailing lists, Nabble also allows you to post new threads, reply to existing threads and search the current posts, and any posts you make are automatically sent to the corresponding mailing list.

Alternate Access via Gmane

There is also a read-only interface at Gmane for most of the lists. Gmane provides several ways to access the lists including a threaded web interface, an RSS feed for feed readers or an NNTP interface for newsreaders.