Code of Conduct


This Code of Conduct describes how members of the MusicBrainz community should interact and further details how auto-editors should act; using their privileges in a responsible way. The purpose is not so much to define a standard which everybody must follow, but to explicitly describe all the (previously) unwritten rules that make up good behavior in the MusicBrainz community.

Community members


Making edits


Conflict resolution

If a conflict between members of the MusicBrainz community should arise, the members should attempt to resolve the conflict among themselves first. If the members fail to resolve the conflict, the issue can be brought to the BDFL (Benevolent Dictator for Life) of MusicBrainz. The decision of the BDFL is final and may not be appealed; for this reason the community is strongly urged to resolve conflicts among themselves and not bring them to the BDFL.



Dealing with open edits

How should auto-editors deal with open edits, that they think are correct?

If an edit is correct, it is within the auto-editor's discretion as to whether they choose to approve the edit immediately. In practice amongst the auto-editor community, this is generally confined to addition of URLs and obviously correct relationships, in order to reduce the open edit queue, and prioritize voter time towards complex edits requiring more attention, such as release addition, removals and merges.

If an edit is in any form an improvement (even if it's still not correct), an auto-editor may decide to approve the edit immediately and then edit the value again to correct it.

Making disputed edits

Auto-editors must never use their privileges to decide disputed edits in their favor.

Always check an item's history before making a change that could be disputed. If you made an auto-edit and then realise that it is disputed, you should:

Of course the "approve" option is not to be used for disputable edits but only for trivial or obvious ones or those which can be improved by a re-edit.


Bot authors should follow the dedicated code of conduct.