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Attention.png This page is now obsolete. It is preserved here for future reference.

The CollaborationOfTheMonth for November-December 2006 was The Beatles. In the 2 months or so that the collaboration ran, 1511 edits were made. At the time, this accounted for 20% of all edits on this artist since MusicBrainz' inception.


  • There appear to be quite a few bootleg releases that do not belong in this category. Try to find releases that have mostly previously released material and change them to compilations.
    • By convention releases that combine two (or more) albums are also entered as albums. There are at least several Russian bootlegs that include all the tracks from two Beatles albums, so I guess they are still entered as albums. - ssundell
  • Official albums could be linked to their respective Wikipedia and Discogs pages.
  • ASINs need to be added to official releases.



All of the UK, US, Australian and Canadian singles have now been entered although there may be some more re-releases from the 70s/80s that I have missed. --Mdhowe



Many of the listed bootlegs have missing or incomplete release attributes and most have no release dates.



Most compilations need release dates and ASINs added.


Tony Sheridan & The Beatles/Beat Brothers

  • Sort out the early German releases as referenced here & here where The Beatles were known as The Beat Brothers.
  • Some of the same material was later re-released as The Beatles. Which name do we use?

Correct Song Titles

Kansas City / Hey Hey Hey Hey

  • It is unclear whether or not Medley: should be prepended to the title.
  • It is also unclear what (if anything) should separate the Heys.
  • From Wikipedia: "Kansas City/"Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey" medley was originally listed only as "Kansas City". After the attorneys for Venice Music did their job, the record label was corrected, but not the album cover.
  • This label image clearly shows the title as Kansas City. I have not been able to find an image of the 'corrected' label.

Take out Some Insurance on Me Baby (If You Love Me Baby)

  • This correct title(s) of this track is unknown. Label images are hard to come by as it was a b-side.
  • Alternate titles
    • Take out Some Insurance on Me Baby (If You Love Me Baby)
    • Take out Some Insurance on Me Baby
    • If You Love Me Baby
    • If You Love Me, Baby
    • If You Love Me Baby (Take out Some Insurance on Me Baby)